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Some of you might have noticed that when I get back from a trip, it usually takes me a few days to start blogging again. I seem to need some recovery, plus this has been a busy week. But now I have a small spot of time to finish up my SDCC recap by addressing an issue from Comic-Con that's very important to all of us: celebrity sightings.

Now, the con was bursting with celebrities from SF/Fantasy shows and movies--and pretty much any other cult entertainment that isn't a family sitcom, reality show, CSI spin-off, or on Lifetime. Most shows/movies had panels where you could see the stars, but you had to wait hours to get in, and I just wasn't that much of a fan girl to stand in line (I also didn't have the time). Fortunately, the stars came to me. Kind of.

Your eyes don't deceive you. That's Kevin Sorbo from Hercules, my college crush, standing only a few feet away. With ropes and security guards between us.

You see, during my last night in San Diego, I ate at a restaurant with some folks from Penguin, and the place's second floor hosted a big Entertainment Weekly/SyFy Channel party. There was a red (well, purple) carpet out front jammed with photographers, and the party guests had to walk through the bar to get to the second floor. So, being the geeks we were, we hurried to the front of the bar with our cameras to find out who we could see and capture on camera.

Like the girls from V. Morena Baccarin goes blond!

And Emily Deschanel from Bones:

Now, all of these stars passed by us for about 30 seconds in very poor lighting, so getting clear shots was hard. Few posed for us (they'd already done that for the 'real' photographers). So, some of these pictures aren't clear, but there's no question: I saw the Old Spice Guy!

And, um, Danny DeVito:

I pose for a lot of pictures at my signings, and what I do is nothing compared to what these actors must endure. Smiling for a long time is hard, and so, it wasn't surprising (although sometimes we took offense) that a lot of these celebs ignored our shouts to look over at us. Some, however, were super nice and stopped to interact.

Kevin Sorbo (above) was one of the nicest, and here were some other friendly stand-outs, such as Eddie McClintock from Warehouse 13:

Jason Ritter was also sweet:

Firefly's Adam Baldwin posed for us and several others in the restaurant, not leaving until he was certain we were all happy:

This guy also stuck around for a while. I didn't know who he was then, but I was pretty sure someone this attractive had to be an actor. Yup. Chris Hemsworth from Thor.

Along with the big names, plenty of people came to the party who were either groupies with lucky access or people who knew people. And inevitably, with alcohol involved, bad behavior broke out among some of these C-listers. But security was quick to intervene.

A few prize celebrities sadly didn't come out on my camera, like Nathan Fillion and James Marsters. I did, however, just barely capture this fuzzy shot of Buffy and Firefly creator Joss Whedon.

Here's Justin Hartley from Smallville. He hung around for a while (though not because of us), giving me one of my few chances to snap several shots of one person and pick the best.

Did I mention what geeks we were? I felt so ridiculous standing there like a desperate fan, but it became such a fun game for us to see who would come in next.

I felt especially podunk when the fab Charlaine Harris (whom we'd hung out with earlier) came in with the True Blood cast and waved at us before moving on to better things. She's so sweet that I'm sure she would have gotten us in if it were in her power. Because, um, yeah, we totally deserved it. Her picture didn't come out, but I did get Nelsan Ellis, aka Lafayette.

To my delight, the cast of The Big Bang Theory was there too, but they seemed a little camera shy. They weren't rude. They just seemed anxious to scurry on. Here's Simon Helberg, probably better known as Howard to most of you.

And Johnny Galecki, who hurried by here but later sat with a lady friend at the nearby bar.

For every person I'm putting up here, I had five other shots of cool people that didn't turn out and about twenty shots of people I just had no clue about. No one I ask seems to be able to identify this guy, but he was really nice.

This guy was also a mystery, but he seemed to so badly want us to take his picture that we couldn't help but do it. No one can ID him either, so we made up a story that he was a guy who won some sweepstakes to get into the party--hence explaining his super-enthusiasm. (I've probably just insulted a major actor with that theory).

And lastly, after two hours and hardly any more guests coming in, we decided to leave. But just before we did, we got one last gem: Joel McHale, from The Soup.

Truly, an evening well-spent. Maybe. Kudos to the restaurant and the security who kindly let us hang out inside all night and be fan girls. Of course, had we tried to cross the ropes or start any altercations, I'm sure we would have been thrown out immediately.

Sadly, I didn't see the cast of Fringe, which I'd really been hoping for. They might have come in before we were there. Fortunately, I feel like I got a better deal when I found this video of Joshua Jackson hosting "Pacey-Con" within Comic-Con. If you're in the slim demographic that has knowledge of Dawson's Creek, Fringe, fan fiction, SDCC fandom, and actors not afraid to make fun of themselves, then this will be pure magic.

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