Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

Vampire Academy Tattoos!

As promised, something cool today!

At long last, the molnija mark's artist has finally unveiled two of the other much-anticipated tattoos from the Vampire Academy series.

First, the promise mark:

And, the zvezda mark, aka "the battle mark" given to those with too many Strigoi kills to count.

Cool, eh? Zvezda is Russian for star, just as molnija is Russian for lightning. As you can see, VA kind of keeps the naming system simple.

Anyway, Arcane Vault is going to be unleashing a line of new shirts and products very soon which have the new marks on them--hopefully in the next week or so. These will be in addition to their molnija collection, which is already available and the source of one of my favorite Roswell shirts.

The new shirts will feature different colors and use the actual designs, straight from the artist. So, I'm pretty stoked and will post an update as soon as those go live and are available for order. Arcane Vault ships internationally now too, which is more good news.

For now, enjoy the tattoos and stay tuned for shirt updates!

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