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Vacation Pictures 4: Wait...there's more than Roswell?

Yes, there really is. We were on vacation for eight days in New Mexico, and there's no way we could have handled staying in Roswell for more than the three nights we did. It was time to move, on to see what awaited us in the...

That's a sign inside the New Mexico Museum of Space History in Alamogordo. It was a part of a timeline display showing man's progress throughout history. Clearly, they wanted to keep their options open for later. Like any good space museum, you could buy astronaut ice cream in the gift ship and see random cool things lying around. Like rockets.

I'd noted that Roswell was a military town, but its infamy is rivaled by Alamogordo, which is home to White Sands Missile Range, which is in turn home of the first nuclear detonation on US soil that we know of. Unsurprisingly, we were allowed nowhere near there, but a small piece of the pretty desert has been sectioned off for tourists like us to go check out.

You wouldn't think a desert would be fun for the whole family, but it apparently it is. The White Sands Visitor's Center sells sleds, and plenty of groups take advantage of them and the dunes.

My husband and I chose more dignified and tranquil ways of trekking out into the sandy depths. Hear, the heat is apparently making me think solitude and dehydration will trigger the next big story idea.

Meanwhile, my husband conducted experiments to see if lingering radiation in the area would make the sand do anything cool or break the laws of physics. It didn't.

This lizard, on the other hand, looks kind of suspicious to me. That blue is not a color found in nature. Methinks he's descended from lizards hanging around during the Manhattan Project days.

And what about these mysterious footprints? Who left these? Maybe aliens from Roswell! oooOOOOooo! Or, um, us.

After our long day of science and natural beauty, we drove out of Alamogordo, up to the mountains near Ruidoso and Nogal. There, we stayed at a bed and breakfast that was like my dream come true: its porch was surrounded in hummingbird feeders.

I love hummingbirds, as some of you may know from my failed attempts to attract them. I know it's crazy to those of you in the Southwest, but up here in the Northwest? It's just not so easy to lure those guys in. Fortunately, I could stand on the porch at our inn and watch swarms of them fearlessly fly near me without even flinching.

And that pretty much wrapped up our exploration of southern New Mexico. We set out the next day back up north to Santa Fe, which is a very, very different region--one that's worthy of its own post. It took about three hours to get there, and we had to drive through a lot of towns like this in the middle, towns made scarier by my lack of cell coverage.

But soon you'll see that it was well worth the journey, and my upcoming Santa Fe post will close up my vacation album, once again returning us to blog business as usual.
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