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Vacation for me, much anticipated news for you

Brace yourselves for some shocking news: I'm going on vacation tomorrow. Like, a real vacation with my husband in which I don't sign ANY BOOKS at all. This is our first real vacation in over a year, not counting our 4-day wedding weekend and a requisite family trip. Where are we going? That'll be revealed soon when I get there. Expect some awesome pictures.

Before I leave you guys, I have all sorts of news. First, we have a publication date for Georgina #6--and a title! It's going to be called Succubus Revealed and will come out September 2011. I know that's a long time, but it's the way my schedule seems to be going. But hey, that's Georgina's grand finale, so we need to make it good. To recap other release dates: Last Sacrifice is December 2010, Iron Crowned is February 2011, Untitled Eugenie 4 is January 2012, and the untitled VA Spin-Off series kicks off late summer/early fall 2011.

When I don't tell you titles, it's either because we simply don't have them yet or I'm not allowed to. So, for those wondering about the unnamed stuff, I've got no other info than what I posted.

Here's the other news. It's been in the works for a while, but we often have a delay before we can announce things. Vampire Academy has been optioned for film by Preger Entertainment! Yay! Let me make it clear, though: an option is exactly that. An option. It's a right to the books I sell, and it means Preger now has the option of turning VA into a film. It may not happen anytime soon. Some books are optioned for years with no action. So that may mean nothing is happening right now. Of course, it can also mean they're already scripting and making plans. The point I want to make is that you shouldn't brace yourself for a VA film coming out next spring. I probably sound pessimistic with these disclaimers, but I just want to be realistic because lots of books get optioned and have long delays before anything happens. Georgina was optioned over a year ago by Fox Television, and there's been no movement there either.

And what will happen with VA? That's as much a mystery to me as you. When an author sells those options, pretty much all control goes over to the production company. It's standard, and a lot of stories you hear about authors having a huge role in making a movie are simply that: stories. That's why movies don't always match books, but I have confidence in whatever Preger does. They're good folks. But, with it all in their hands now, I'll be waiting and hoping as anxiously as you. I have no clue when/if production will begin or how it will unfold. Like I said: it can be months, it can be years. Also, this means I don't have any control over casting. I have to mention that because I get requests almost daily. :) Sorry! So cross your fingers on what'll happen to VA, but remember to be cautious and patient. The press release is here.

Okay, that's all I've got for you. I've got to start packing and taking care of last minute work stuff. My next update will be from Vacationland, and I'll try to keep you posted here when I can. Facebook and Twitter followers can get more frequent updates via my phone.

You guys be good while I'm away!
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