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Spirit Bound Day 8: Two posts for the price of one

Okay, no time to waste! I'm behind on a signing recap! So let's get it to it before my fast-approaching bedtime.


As mentioned, my publicist Casey McIntyre and I took the train to Connecticut for a fantastic signing put on by RJ Julia Booksellers at Arts Barn. Connecticut was everything quaint and beautiful that I expected it to be, and we had this crowd turn out to hear me speak...

...from behind this:

I'm not kidding, you guys. Until I went through my camera this last hour, I had no idea that I was sitting at a graveyard-esque table. It was like an undead press conference. The staff did some really intense and amazing decorating! I obviously couldn't see the front of my table at the time, and when I finished speaking, I was whisked to another one for signing:

Lots of fun things happened. There were contests:


And the elusive male demographic (he had a cool Irish name too):

The staff from both the store and the venue put on a great event, and they had some extra help from some young ladies who had traveled a couple hours to the signing. Since they arrived early, these gals actually helped with the set-up and THEN the take-down of the event. Mega-dedication! Thanks to everyone who was there!


When I finally got back in Manhattan that night, I went to bed early (hence the lack of pictures) so that I could be up and alert for Book Expo America, which is the biggest publishing industry tradeshow/convention/gathering thing in the U.S. Today was the "warm-up" day, and I was on a panel about building online communities. My companions were really great and insightful and were coming at the topic from a business angle whereas mine was more fan-connection related. So, I talked a lot about how I share stuff with readers on this blog, Facebook, and Twitter...and inexplicably, my hair kept coming up. I wonder if that's what people will take away from Richelle Mead after leaving that panel!

A couple of interviews followed that, and then I had a couple free hours (which is rare and precious on tour) before heading out to tonight's signing in Carle Place, NY on Long Island. Casey came with me, along with the incomparable Heather Osborn and VA's editor Jessica Rothenberg--who had never actually seen a full-fledged "Richelle Mead Event." She was in for a treat.

I was in Long Island back in January, so it was nice to see some returning faces for Spirit Bound and Succubus Shadows. Lots of new readers were there too, and all in all, everyone was amazing.

I also got to see some henna molnija tattoos, which were pretty sweet:

Here's a rare glimpse of Casey beside me, who does so much work on my tours. People sometimes ask my husband for pictures at signings, and I think Casey should be added to that list if you see her at an event (which are probably only going to be Northeast ones) because she puts in a lot of hours and energy to get me to these stores.

Also of note: this was my last official public signing on the Spirit Bound Tour. Tomorrow, I'll sign at BEA, but that's of a different nature. So, Long Island, you were the big send-off and did a great job. Thanks very much to the fab B&N staff and the fans who waited patiently because it's impossible not to get stuck in traffic leaving NYC at rush hour.

Here's a t-shirt I might normally be hesitant to post because I make a point of shying away from other authors' vampires. But there are two good things here. First, notice the window's coloring to see how much time has passed at the signing.

And second:

Unlike most variations of this shirt, which say "I want Dimitri," she just went right for it with "I've GOT Dimitri." No waiting and wanting. She just took what she wanted! Love it.

And I've loved all of my great bookstore signings in this last week on tour. I've met a ton of amazing people, and despite the aggressive travel pace, each event was golden. Tomorrow I'll finish up my stay in NYC with some BEA business and seeing some publishing folks, then it's off to home-sweet-home Seattle on Thursday--which I'm very much looking forward to.

BEA is an industry convention, not a public event, but for any attending, I have a panel Wednesday at 11am on paranormal teen books and then I sign from 3-4pm. So if you're hanging out, come say hi!
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