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SB Tour Day 4: Archtastic

I never thought I'd say this, but Southwest might be my next favorite airline after Alaska--though Alaska still wins by leaps and bounds. I'd never flown Southwest until this trip, and each flight has been really efficient. They're like the bus of airlines. They fly from city to city, let some people off, let some on, and off they go. Their staff is nice too and almost as wacky as Alaska's.

While descending into St. Louis today, one of the Southwest attendants announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, I need your attention because we're going to try an experiment." Now, that really isn't something you want to hear when your plane is landing. It's the kind of statement that's followed by, "We're having weight distribution problems and need everyone to stand on the right side of the plane." But, no. They asked us to all close our window blinds and push our overhead attendant lights to create a "candle" effect for someone's birthday. Then they all sang happy birthday. It was sweet. I mean, nothing's ever going to top the Alaska guy who got on the intercom and started whispering in a raspy ghost voice, "Alaska Alaska..." But it was sweet. It's worth noting, however, that every time I've flown Southwest, I was lucky enough to be in an early boarding group. My opinion might be different if I was in the "Ladies and gentlemen, we only have middle seats left" group.

Anyway, I digress. I'm in St. Louis, as noted, staying at a hotel that has the best room service food I've ever had. Tonight I had a signing put on by Left Bank Books, held over at Clayton High School's auditorium, which made for a really good venue.

I talked, I signed, and I gave more infomercials about print-runs because tonight I actually saw a couple of first printing Frostbites. Aside from my home office, I haven't seen a first edition of that since it came out. (Want to learn about print runs? That'll be another post). I also wore one of the cool new headbands I was touting on Twitter recently, only to take it off after about 10 minutes because it was giving me a headache. Fail.

One of the winners from last year's lolcat (not to be confused with my husband) contest came by, with a t-shirt that at first seems sad but then gets happy. It's hard to read here, but it says "Love fades" and the back says "Love grows." Clearly, she has hope and faith in the series!

Some familiar faces came by too, ones that lolcatz (this time, I do mean my husband) will recognize:

I'm starting to pick up regional "vibes" as I travel around the country. It's hard to explain, but I talk to people for at least 2 hours straight each night, and every city/state has its own personality, attitude, etc. One of these days, I'll do a big analysis. Suffice to say for now, every city I've met has been friendly, and this one was no exception. Many thanks to the hardworking staff who made this all run so well tonight:

In closing, I'll throw this out there. I've mentioned how surprised I've been to see so many "old" copies of the books out there -- those show readers who've been with me since the early days. And these are also the same excited people who ran out and got Spirit Bound as soon as it came out. Thanks so much! I've loved your support and hearing all the great feedback. I'm also starting to notice new readers coming to signings who have just acquired the series or, like tonight, people who actually decided to start reading based on listening to me or who had very good and persuasive friends (seriously, I owe some of you commissions) that got them into the books. So...what's our split out there? How long have you guys been reading my various series? And if you are new to us, what do you think? Ready for more? I'd love to hear your thoughts! I'm really grateful and excited about everyone who has been reading my books, whether they got the first one on release day a few years ago or just picked one up tonight. Thank you so much.

Tomorrow I'll be in Fairhope, Alabama, just outside of Mobile, and I hope all readers, old and new, will come out and see me! I'm excited for this. I've been in great cities on this tour so far, but they're all cities I've seen at least once. But Mobile? Never been there. Good times will be ensuing.
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