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Spirit Bound approacheth

Well, the countdown to Spirit Bound is on. For fans of Eugenie and Georgina, hang in there--I've got some stuff coming eventually for them. Say, like, Iron Crowned's description! I'll give you a hint: it's about a crown. And it's made of iron. The rest you'll have to wait for because we have less than a week to go before Vampire Academy #5 is released to the English-speaking world!

Here's the proof:

You know how I'm always pushing you guys to order autographed books from University Bookstore? Well, that's the result you're looking at. They ended up with about 300 pre-orders for Spirit Bound, and that cart was one of three (they're double-sided, by the way) waiting for me to sign. That's a lot of books! The bookstore people are very sweet to me while I sign mail orders. They keep me stashed away in a small room, which seems scary, but is actually held in high regard, as you can see from the note on its door:

They also make sure I'm fed and keep me stocked with all the caffeine, cookies, and pens I could ever want. It took about three hours to finish the autographs, but we got a few breaks. That batch will ship out on release day, and anything ordered up until May 18 then will ship on May 19. This post explains the important dates and shipping schedule.

We also know Spirit Bound is getting closer because Penguin Australia has released its seventh teaser on YouTube right here. It's a good one, if I do so say myself! Sometimes I forget what I've written, so it's just as fun for me to see what they put up there. There'll be a bonus one Monday (which'll probably mean Sunday for the U.S.), and then we just wait for release day!

I'm sure this is old, old news for many, but remember I'm going to be out touring once the book is out, so check my main website to see if I'm coming near you and learn signing rules. Without fail (and this just happened), I get email from someone saying, "Hey, are you ever going to visit X City?" And I'll get this message the week after I was just in X City. It makes me sad, so don't let it happen to you! Keep an eye on the schedule or join a mailing list for updates.

And, speaking of appearances, I'll start putting out the first of many reminders as the tour draws closer. My first stop is the ol' hometown on release day itself: I'll be signing at University Bookstore in Seattle on May 18 at 7pm, and man, do they have quite the set-up. All I can say is I'm going to feel like Miss America. They're awesome folks over there, and it'll be fun.

More soon!

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