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Spirit Bound countdown

We're at the one week mark for Spirit Bound, meaning my stress is rapidly rising. Why am I stressed? Don't ask - it's an author thing. Maybe just a Richelle thing. Unclear.

Anyway, here are a couple of quick and important announcements. First, if you want to order autographed copies of Spirit Bound from Seattle's University Bookstore, note these dates because I'm going in tomorrow to sign the current stash of 300+ pre-orders so they can ship next week.

*** Today (May 11) is the last day to order AUTOGRAPHED copies that will ship on release day, May 18

*** Autographed copies of Spirit Bound that are ordered after today will ship on May 19

*** Any autographed orders placed after May 18 will not ship until the end of June because I'll be on tour and unable to sign for the store until I'm back

This only applies to autographed copies of my books. You can order unsigned ones anytime. If you try to get your order in today to make May 18 shipping, it is imperative that you follow these directions exactly. You must put into the comments that you want them signed and who you want them signed to. If you don't, the store will have to contact you, which may delay shipping. They accept international orders, but you need to contact them (not me!) about how that works because that's out of my control.

To clarify: the soonest they can ship is May 18, actual release day, per publisher rules.

And of course, remember that you can always order Spirit Bound from other stores or pick it up locally at a store near you! Just not signed (unless I'm touring your city).

Lastly, Penguin Australia has put out Spirit Bound's sixth teaser. Enjoy!
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