Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

24 hours in LA

Today I earned my keep at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, which was a much bigger affair than I imagined. It pretty much dominated all of UCLA's campus and was a wonderland of tents, booths, and buildings. I showed up there bright and early--by which I mean 1pm--with Heather Brewer, author of the Vladimir Tod series.

We signed books for long lines of readers but were on a limited time schedule, so we had to clip certain things, like posed pictures. People could take action shots of us signing, but we didn't have time for too much more than that if we wanted to get through the lines in our allotted hour.

I hope you all notice I'm signing just fine without my splint, though I am using a sharpie the size of a 2-year-old's crayon.

Soon, time was up, and Heather and I were spirited away to the YA stage for our panel. It was out in middle of the beautiful California sunshine, attended by nearly 500 people waiting to hear our wit and wisdom on vampires.

Joining Heather and I were two other vampire author goddesses, Rachel Caine and Melissa de la Cruz. The panel was fabulously moderated by dashing author Aaron Hartzler, who should be hosting reality TV competitions on the side. It was a really great panel, with lots of good questions, and I even got to go off on one of my hot issues: the myth that vampire authors hate each other and are in some huge competition. Not. True. We're all pals.

Is it just me, or does YA in that picture look like VA?

After that, the four of us were whisked off to sign more books for readers. Again, the line was ginormous, creating a few issues. Earlier, Heather and I had told people we'd probably have plenty of time at the second signing for pictures. Nope. We had no time for those again, not if we wanted to sign for everyone. Things even got so hectic that we were told to stop personalizing, so we ended up with autographs only in the books. I'm sad it had to come to that, but I would have been sadder if people had been turned away with no signed books at all after waiting in line. I still got a chance to talk to everyone who came up to me for a book, so that was fun. If you were someone at this signing who didn't get a personalization because of time constraints, let me know if you come to my San Diego signing next month or LA one (time and day TBA) in December. Bring your books from this fest, and I'll add some personalizations. :)

And with that, my duty for the day was done. Some of my fellow authors had other stuff going on afterward, and some had things tomorrow. Me? I was off to the airport to head back home and managed to snag an earlier flight on stand-by. Before leaving, I got to spend more time with Rachel Caine, as well as my publicist extraordinaire Casey. Casey's the woman behind the curtain who does all the hard work when I have an event, so many thanks to her--particularly since she had to look after 20 authors this weekend.

So, all in all, yeah. Good times had by everyone at the fest. And I do mean everyone. Even the Fonz.

I'm now safely back home in Seattle, about to go to bed. On Tuesday, I fly out to Columbus, Ohio for the Romantic Times Convention (info on my website), giving me two days to pack for that week of debauchery and put the finishing touches on my fairy costume. You've been warned.

Thanks for coming out, LA! It was great seeing you.
Tags: author friends, book signings
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