Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

Quick and cool updates

First off, I'm making one more reminder to those in Los Angeles to come see me and all the awesomeness that'll be ensuing at the L.A. Times Book Festival this Saturday. If you've missed the times and info, you can again find it right here.

Next, if you haven't heard it elsewhere, the Last Sacrifice release date has been moved up from December 14 to December 7. So yay! It has nothing to do with when the book is finished or anything like that since the writing will be done long before then. Penguin decided they could tweak the schedule, and I think this may allow me to tour more too (touring is often cut around the holidays). So, many thanks to them.

Finally, a few months ago, Kensington sent a film crew to my house to film me around Seattle talking about the succubus books. At long last, it's finished and can be viewed over here. I think it's great, and the people who came out to film it were fantastic. Fun fact: to film that "fast forward" background effect with me and the red umbrella, I had to stand perfectly still for, like, 10 minutes in one of the city's busiest areas. People thought I was a mime.

Okay, off to bed, so I can get writing done in the morning and then catch my flight to Los Angeles! More updates then.
Tags: book signings, news you can use
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