Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
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Hello there, blog. Long time no see.

Yikes. I can't believe I'm pushing almost two weeks with no blog entry. I heartily apologize! I really, really love blogging. I know some authors who hate it, but not me. Oddly, though, I haven't been up for blogging recently. I'm not sure why, but I'll try to return to my normal groove.

For those wondering what's going on in Richelle Land, I'm rapidly nearing the deadline for Last Sacrifice's second draft, at which point I'll switch over to Iron Crowned's first draft for a while. So, if I'm quiet this week, I do actually have a legitimate excuse.

Los Angeles people: I will be in your area in a week. I'll be at the L.A. Times Book Festival (being held at UCLA), and after studying their website intensely, I *think* I know what's going on and can give you the scoop. If I'm following correctly, you only need to buy a ticket for indoor events. General admission is free, and I think you can go to booths and outdoor stages for free too. And guess what? My panel is outdoors! So just show on up for good times. That's almost as easy as a bookstore signing. My schedule for this Saturday, April 24, looks like so:

1pm - 2pm -- Signing at Penguin/Mrs. Nelson's Booth, (Booth 813)
2pm - 3pm -- Panel at YA stage: Blood, Fangs, and Temptation: Everything Vampire with Rachel Caine, Heather Brewer, and Melissa de la Cruz
3pm - 4pm -- Signing at YA stage

As you can see, I've got a pretty good group there for my panel, and I'll have two opportunities to sign books. The details on how many I'll sign and whatnot are over on my calendar page. I'm no expert on the festival (I'm just told when and where to go!), so for all details about how it works, location, etc., you should really double-check what they have to say on the festival's official site. But if you can make it, I'd love to see you! Los Angeles isn't on the Spirit Bound Tour, and I'm not likely to be back this year until December.

And hey, remember when I was bugging everybody about voting to help make Blood Promise a nominee for the Children's Choice Book Awards? Well, it worked! You guys got me on the ballot for best teen book of the year. Thank you so much. Now we're onto the final phase of voting, so if you want to help me out and vote me in for the big title, click here. Go to the teen section, and from there, it's pretty easy. Voting closes May 3, but regardless of what happens, thank you again for getting me there--especially since I wasn't initially even on the suggested list. You guys rock.

In closing, I saw someone on Twitter today saying we're one month away from Spirit Bound's release. That struck me as a casual "Wow, cool" kind of thing. And then I realized that SB's release means my tour will begin, and for some reason, that's more of a shock to me. In one month, I'll be back in the city-a-day insanity! And since I have two trips before that (LA Times Book Fest and then RT in Columbus), it's suddenly hitting me that my schedule is going to get very, very intense soon. Roll in those in those two books I'm working on, and wow! Rocking times are ahead.

Some really good news? My hand is progressing exactly as it should in its recovery. It's still not perfect, but the pain has lessened considerably, and the hand therapists are pleased with the prognosis. The odds look good I'll be fully able to meet my signing demands for both tour signing and mail order signing. Just don't be alarmed if you see me using a giant, child-sized market to sign your book. The less tightly I have to grip, the better it is on my hand, so I'm using large writing utensils. It looks silly, but these are the things we do to get you your autographs. :)
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