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Going Dutch

There are a couple of author signings (not mine) coming up in the Pacific Northwest for you urban fantasy fans--signings that are unfortunately on the same day. For Seattle people, the wonderful Patricia Briggs will be signing at University Bookstore at 7pm this Tuesday. I only just found out about it and won't be able to come. Why? Because I'll be down in Portland, Oregon to see authors Mark Henry and Jaye Wells. They're doing a signing at the Powell's in Beaverton on that same Tuesday, also at 7pm. Bad planning, Seattle and Portland! Why must you make us choose?

Meanwhile, that same Tuesday is the official release day of Succubus Shadows. It's already showing up in various places, but if your local store doesn't have it, Tuesday's the day it should be on sale. If it's not one your store normally stocks, they shouldn't have any issues ordering it and getting it in for you starting Tuesday.

Ok, let's do some foreign covers! It seems like international covers are being sent to me all the time, and I keep forgetting to post them. So, I think I've let a few slip past you. But, here's what I've remembered today.

First up, courtesy of Kim-monique, we have the Dutch covers of the first three Vampire Academy books, in order:

And from Petya, we also have the Bulgarian version of Shadow Kiss:

Finally, the Japanese Frostbite. Just in Japanese, not manga. Thanks, Dan.

I expect to have a few more scattered pieces of news in the next few weeks, but those are still coming together. I'll leave you with this: it's just come to my attention that the softcover of Blood Promise will be coming out April 6 in the US. (Most of the world already had softcover and never had hardcover). So, for those of you who wanted matched sets, you can begin your quest. For those hoping to go the other way and get the early ones in hardcover, I still have no info on when/if #2 or #3 will be out that way. More soon!
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