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Succubus Shadows updates & current schedule

A quick update for those who ordered Succubus Shadows from U Bookstore. They'll still ship early but not this week. Turns out the pre-orders have blown away the shipment that's come in so far! So, rather than have me sign part today, I'm going to sign them all at once when the rest come in early next week. Then they'll ship out all at once--still early. Thanks for the astonishing (and unexpected) support.

People have been asking what I'm working on now, so I'll give you the latest. I've said before that books don't come out based on when I finish them (which is why "write faster!" doesn't work). I write the books based on when they're due to come out, which is determined by publishers' schedules. My next two releases, Succubus Shadows and Spirit Bound have been done for a while. The next one after those is Last Sacrifice in December, which is why I just finished its first draft. Iron Crowned, coming out in early 2011, is the next release--which is what I've now just started. And so forth, and so forth.

As often happens, when I'm writing a fresh book, edits from the last one are going on too. So, in the next three months, I'll be writing Iron Crowned and passing Last Sacrifice back and forth with my editors. So, that's how my days'll be spent. As for future books, Eugenie 4 and Georgina 6 come after that (can't recall the order or release dates) and the VA spin-off after that, which also has a far off release date that I don't know.

I've got loads of travel over the next few months too, which will be interesting since every day I travel/tour/etc. is a day not writing. That makes for tough timing but isn't the first time I've dealt with that. We authors power through!

Speaking of tours, Seattlites: Carrie Ryan, author of The Forest of Hands and Teeth will be speaking and signing at University Bookstore at 7pm tonight. So, if you're looking for a good time, you know where to go.

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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