Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

Succubus Shadows, signed and delivered early!

I'm sure some of you were worried that the news from Friday was so big, I needed recovery time before I could blog again. In actuality, I was busy finishing the first draft of Last Sacrifice. I completed it this morning, and it's a crazy feeling to think I just ended a series (the spin-off series is a technicality). Of course, since this is the first draft, it still has many more revisions and drafts to go through (which is why it comes out in December). Nonetheless, it's a big milestone for me! And a scary one.

What is coming out soon, however, is Succubus Shadows. Its official release date is 3/30, but unlike the VA series, that's a "soft" date. So, get this: University Bookstore is going to be shipping SS early! Probably within the week. Sweet, huh? So, if you pre-ordered from them, get ready! And if you want to put your order in, remember that you can request me to autograph them if you follow these instructions when you place the order. I expect to be doing a lot of signing in their mail room this week after hearing the number of pre-orders.

Speaking of U Bookstore...I just got in there today to sign the last couple weeks' worth of book orders. To those who have been waiting patiently, I apologize for the delay. I know how much it sucks to order something and then wait a week or more. Travel, being sick, and the race to get LS in have kept me away. So, thank you so much for waiting. With SS's release, I know people will be anxious to get copies right away, so my turnaround rate will be much improved now.

It's worth noting that the books I autographed today were done while wearing my hand splint. So, while the writing is still legible, it's also kind of sloppy. Who knows? Maybe that'll be worth something someday. Richelle Mead: The Lame Hand Years.

Lastly, U Bookstore also has Last Sacrifice in on its system, so if you're wanting to get signed pre-orders (especially if I'm not touring by you), that's available now. Other online bookstores are starting to do pre-orders too, but I always mention U Bookstore for the autographing. Note, though: if you order two things from them, and one isn't out, the other won't ship until both are out--unless you pay shipping for each item. That's pretty typical of most places.

Ok, that's the lastest. Today was my break after Last Sacrifice (which is the 13th book I've completed, by the way), and tomorrow will kick off Iron Crowned. Good times.
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