Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

Valentine results! For real!

Well, I made it back to Seattle last night and am very happy to be home and back to work. I've got a deadline fast approaching, so I expect the adrenaline and caffeine to start coming on strong. Since there's still BIG news coming Friday, I figured I'd better finally get on to judging the Valentine contest so that we can have those results out of the way. Besides, it's been, like, what...a month? Yeah. It's time to get onto this.

So, without further ado, here are the winners in no particular order. I ended up going with six, and many thanks to the fab Heather Osborn for helping me sift through these. Thanks also to everyone who entered! I was a bit overwhelmed by the response. I always kind of cringe at judging things like this because everyone's put in so much work, and there are so many good ones! So, once again--thank you to everyone.

Here we go! (Psst--for the faint of heart and those at work, there's a bad word in the last valentine. You've been warned!).

In this one, Kalie uses one of my very favorite quotes. I guess that sounds kind of egotistical of me since I created the quote, huh?

From cem_214, we have the whole Dark Swan series succinctly summed up in one card--a handmade one, at that.

day_dreamer94 brings the manga on, and for some reason, I'm amused by 'cool' being used along with 'godly' and 'dangerous.'

rclibrarian points out that Valentine's cards are really the ideal expression of succubus love.

I can't speak for Rose and Dimitri, but Tynga gets straight to my heart with a lolcat.

And lastly, Brodie captures Adrian's poetic sentiments and continued attempts to woo Rose.

So, congratulations to the winners! Drop me a line at, and we'll figure out what to send you. To everyone else: awesome jobs! This was a lot of fun. You know what else'll be fun? The next blog post...which does not involve me being pregnant or Spirit Bound coming out early. But thanks for the suggestions. :) Talk to you soon!
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