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Lame update

I apologize again for going so long without an update--particularly in regards to the Valentine contest. I haven't been in great shape since getting back from the UK. My sleep has been awful, and I've consequently gotten a cold. Or, it might be allergies. Unclear. Regardless, it makes for miserable working conditions. So does this:

Some people may have already seen that pic elsewhere. It's a removable splint for de Quervaine's tenosynovitis, which is an injury to the tendon running inside your thumb, along the side of your hand, and down to your wrist. It's not carpal tunnel but is still very painful. It's not caused by signing (as many have suggested!). It's a problem I've had off and on through the years, and I have a couple ideas about what caused it this time. The important thing here is that the splint keeps that tendon from moving, which helps it heal because you'd be amazed at the kinds of things you use that thumb and tendon for every day: opening lids, texting, shifting your car into reverse... It's crazy. Fortunately, typing doesn't hurt it, but I still have to wear the splint while writing, which is pretty unwieldy. I'm a speedy typer, but this slows me down considerably since I have to make weird modifications without full use of my fingers.

But, hey. I got to pick the splint color. Score.

Whenever I talk hand injuries, I often get suggestions for voice software. I appreciate the help and concern! But honestly, using voice software would require a totally different part of the brain than typing. It's not like the story is pre-printed in my head and needs to just get out in a continuous steam of words. I'm forming it as I work, and there are lots of stops, starts, and corrections that would be very different if done by voice.

Thankfully, we're a long ways from that. And we may be a long ways from the Valentine contest, which I again apologize for. Between my exhaustion, bad typing, and general feeling of crappiness, I just can't quite finish the judging. Soon, though. Soon. And to make up for it, the next couple of weeks are going to see some very exciting news, so hang with me, and good things will come. :)

Oh, a last bit. Don't panic about book releases when I say I'm typing slowly. People often tell me to "write faster" in the hopes that books will be released sooner. Sadly, it doesn't work that way. I could finish a book every day, and they'd still be released 6-12 months apart. It's just the business. The release date is already set before I start writing the book, and then I have a first draft deadline that ensures we're on track for that release date. Whether I type fast or slow is irrelevant, as long as I make the deadline. And I will, splint or not. Hope that clears things up!
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