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Souvenirs for you

It occurs to me that I never post right away after getting back from a trip. Twitter and Facebook usually get updated, but those who only follow me here are kind of left hanging. Sorry about that. Happily, I made it home to my native land on Wednesday afternoon. The trip wasn't exactly uneventful because I fainted on the airplane while walking back from the bathroom. Seriously. I can count the number of times I've fainted in my life on one hand, and it's not something I enjoy. This time it was caused by my usual Xanax dosing combined with super crazy levels of exhaustion. It was kind of weird and embarrassing, but the British Airways crew were very kind and kept checking on me for the rest of the flight.

I've been able to get more rest since getting home, but jet lag still seems to be in effect. So, I feel pretty worn out--but not to fainting levels. My biggest annoyance seems to be that on this trip, I injured the De Quervain's tendon in my right hand yet again. For those not as familiar with that tendon as I unfortunately am, it runs along the thumb-side of your hand. I've had a long-time quarrel with mine. I think some luggage handling woke it up this time (not signing - that's a different part of the hand), and it hurts pretty badly. On Monday, I go back to a regiment of hand therapy for the third time in five years and will likely get a brace made that stops me from inadvertently moving that side of my hand. Good times.

Now that I've brought you all down with sad stories of my physical ailments, let's talk about something more cheerful. You'll like this. Ready? We have excerpts. We're at the one-month mark before Succubus Shadows's release, so Chapter 1 of that book has been posted. And, for various other reasons, the first chapter of Spirit Bound has also been posted early (along with its description at last). Each of these chapters were also printed in previous books, causing some to ask if I'll post Chapter 2 of these as well. Nope, sorry. You get the first of each...the rest you have to wait for! Here are the links:

Succubus Shadows Excerpt

Spirit Bound Excerpt

Succubus Shadows is right around the corner! I won't be doing any public signings for its release, but if you plan on buying it around release day, I would really recommend ordering it from my pals at University Bookstore in Seattle. I'll come in and personalize it for you before they mail it, so it's almost as good as a 'real' signing. And since SS has a soft release date, it can ship almost as soon as they have it in stock. The instructions are here. You can also pre-order Spirit Bound from them, but if you order the two together, you won't get SS until SB is out (unless you pay shipping twice).

And of course, I'll be touring in May, so if you find out I'll be in your city, I can sign books then too. Dates and locations are coming soon and have already been decided by the good people at Penguin--so sending your pleas to me will do no good! :)

Hope you enjoy the excerpts! Valentine contest results are coming soon. For real.
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