Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

Wine in a box isn't classy here either

The blog had a day off yesterday because I had a day off, and there wasn't too much to report. Well, at least not much I can report on here. I spent the day with the fabulous Karen Mahoney, and our Tarot and author shop-talk isn't really fit blog material. Considering how exhausted I've been, I didn't really want a hardcore London tourist experience, so we mostly chatted over meals and walked around a little--and visited bookstores, of course. At Foyles, I discovered Blood Promise was #7 in sales in their YA department. I was pretty stoked about this.

After that, I retired to my hotel where I discovered back-to-back Adam Sandler movies on BBC5. I ended up calling it an early night, which was a good thing because this is what was waiting for me this morning:

Yup. The Puffin gang and I headed out to beautiful Plymouth where I got to read and answer questions for an amazing group of high schoolers (or is it secondary schoolers here?).

As you can see, I opted out of a Richelle Mead Signing Dress and went for jeans and a sweater. I felt a little informal (especially since those school uniforms seemed so high-brow to my American eyes), but since our trip involved so much train time today, I wanted to stay warm and comfortable. No one seemed to mind.

Ruth the librarian and the school's staff did an amazing job running the event and also did a lot of promotion beforehand. Decorations were up everywhere, and when I was eating lunch in the library, I looked up and saw four pictures of myself watching me.

After my Q&A, we went into book signing mode. I had some fans who'd already read the books there, as well as some new converts. It was good fun, and I was impressed they were all so energetic and awake after having returned from having time off from school last week. They were impressed (or at least entertained) by my accent.

And, of course, the vampire name wheel was back, so students were able to get their official certificates to show their vampire pride along with their school pride.

So, I had a really great afternoon and am grateful for all the hard work that Puffin, the school, and Waterstones did to make the event so successful. Thanks also to the students for the chocolate bottle! Now, as I write this, I'm on a long train ride back to London, hoping I can stay awake. It seems likely I will because the two rows ahead of me are filled with the British equivalent of Desperate Housewives. It's hard to sleep when they're so vocal about their insensitive husbands and their children's badly-spelled text messages. Weirdly, more of their friends keep getting on at different stations, so I'm not sure what to expect by the time we get to London. Particularly since they're toting a box--yes, a box--of wine. I think I also just caught site of a bottle of vodka. In two more hours, we might have an adventure almost as good as my neighbors. Almost.

ADDENDUM: I'm now back at my hotel since I couldn't post this on the train. Not much else happened with the Desperate Housewives except that they continued to get drunker and louder. Also, one apparently has been diagnosed with "American levels" of stress. Wow.
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