Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

London Calling

Greetings from England! I flew out from Seattle last night and landed in the homeland of [some of] my ancestors this morning. The nine(!) hour flight went pretty well, all things considered. The Xanax I take to fly did a good job to keep my anxiety at bay--though, unfortunately, it didn't make me sleep as it often does. I think my brain just couldn't wrap itself around going to bed so early in my natural timezone. I tried to doze a little mid-way and woke up to see the in-flight map showing us over Greenland, which was so surreal, I really couldn't sleep after that. I finally started getting tired just before landing, which was problematic. So, today's certainly been a jet lag recovery day.

Equally good about this trip was the ease with which I got through the border. I was one of the first off, and most of the others near me went through the special EU line, meaning the "other passport" line I had to take was actually speedy. It was speedier still when the nice border lady (who likes vampire books) found out what I did for a living. She hadn't heard of me but was excited I was visiting and wished me well. I was a little nervous going on to customs because I had granola bars in my suitcase. When I had pretzels on me in Australia, I got flagged and had to have all my belongings searched. I think the UK customs guys and I had a slight translation issue because when I asked if I should declare the granola bars, they seemed confused and wanted to know what was in them. I didn't really know what to say. "Granola...and, um, protein." They shrugged and said it sounded fine, so onward I went. (ADDENDUM: It appears 'granola' just isn't a familiar UK term. Thanks for the info, guys!)

After not sleeping for almost 24 hours and still being Xanax-hazed, I was in no condition to sight-see today. I did see a number of really beautiful buildings and churches on the drive in, stuff that the U.S. has absolutely nothing to match. I also saw a statue of Abraham Lincoln, which was weird, and a sign marking a bridge as "Weak Bridge - No Trucks." I get the gist of what that means, but that is not a wording you'd find in the U.S. No one would drive on a "weak" bridge.

Anyway, those are my wacky travel adventures so far. Tomorrow kicks off the official book tour, and you guys can find me in Southampton. I'll have gotten a good night's sleep by then and should be in prime condition to entertain. As you can see, the Richelle Mead Tour Wardrobe is already prepared for action:

That's, of course, presuming I don't get lazy and just go sweaters and jeans on you guys.

In closing, I have a little bit of neighbor news. My husband emailed me today to tell me the HOA president was looking through the KGB house's window. I assume this was from the sidewalk and not up close, but who knows? The HOA has our backs.
Tags: book signings, neighbors, travel
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