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UK Update

Hey, guys. As you can no doubt tell, we had kind of blog dry spell. For some reason, I had some nasty insomnia these last few days that resisted my sleep prescription. Sleep deprivation tends to make me grumpy and unproductive. Fortunately, we're back on track today and back to work!

The news today is that I have another date to add to the itinerary for my upcoming visit to the UK. It isn't on my website yet, but here's the info:

Waterstone's Harrods
Belgravia/Knightsbridge, London
12 noon, Februay 19

BUT, make sure you read this. This is technically a stock signing, not a full-fledged event with a reading and all that good stuff. Stock signings are usually where I just swing by a bookstore and sign whatever they have on hand to put back on their shelves. It's usually a quick, private event. But, we're opening this up to the public, so you guys can come on over and meet me while I'm hanging out and signing. The downside is you don't get to listen to me read or do a big Q&A. The bright side is it's much more casual, and you can ask me questions one-on-one and have a bit more time to chat with me. As always, you can bring books you own for me to sign, but if there's something you need, please support the store and buy it when you're there!

If you're not up-to-date on the rest of my UK itinerary, it's here on my website. So, if you live near any of my stops, I hope you'll come visit! Yours is a big country, and it's impossible for me to go everywhere, but the publishers at Puffin have done a good job in getting me around in such a short visit.

In other travel news, I've heard the preliminary schedule for the Spirit Bound tour, and there are some cool stops there. I'll probably be able to do an official announcement in another month or so. This tour is done by Penguin US,'ll all be in the US. For Australians asking if I'll be back: I won't be for Spirit Bound. Hopping between the US and Australia isn't an easy task! Otherwise, you'd all be coming to my American signings. :) But don't worry - Penguin Australia is always doing cool things and may work to get me back there another time. For those always asking me about their cities, please go check out this post about how tours are made and my lack of control.

Finally, speaking of Penguin Australia, the Vampire Academy Quote Open has gone onto Round 3. I got some questions about if Round 3 closes in November. Nope. They're just using the European date system. So, 11/2/10 = February 11, 2010 for us savage Americans. And actually, with the time change, it'll close February 10 for us. So get your votes in for this new round!
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