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Georgina's makeover

As I'd hoped, I've got the cover for the mass market edition of Succubus Blues. They've done a total redesign (which I think is awesome), and it'll be out in August 2010.

For those worried their succubus books won't match, let me explain how it works. The succubus series is currently out in trade paperback--which are large paperbacks. The rest of the books that aren't out yet (#5 and #6) will continue to be released in trade paperback and still have the original style of art.

What you're seeing above is the beginning of the mass market editions for this series. Mass market is that small-sized paperback that's most common. The entire Georgina series will eventually be released in that form as well, and the mm's will have this new style of art. So, eventually over the next two years, all the Georgina books will exist in these two formats--and you can collect whichever editions you like to complete your matched sets. :)

And VA fans -- nope, no info on when VA #6's cover will come. Like I said, I don't hold out on you. I'll show it when I've got it!
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