Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

Sunday driving

Not a huge amount to report today. I keep meaning to write a compelling blog post with some writing insights and behind-the-scenes life on tour. Tonight's not going to be that night because I'm pretty tired and not really focused. It's been a sluggish weekend, and if you follow me on Facebook, you've probably heard me whining about a sprain in my foot/ankle that I got at the gym (and which is NOT gout, contrary to rumors being spread by Mark Henry).

For those wondering what the latest work progress is, I'm in the middle of Vampire Academy #6's first draft. As always, when a first draft is started, it's usually at least nine months (ironic, eh?) before we see that book on the shelves, which is why I'm always working one ahead of you. I'm hoping to have a confirmed title for VA6 very soon, though it may be a little while before the cover's ready. Succubus Blues is coming out in mass market (aka "the small books") this year and will have a new cover design, which I think I'll have up here next week. Don't worry--I never hold out on you guys. The instant I have titles or covers and get the go-ahead to post them, I do!

Speaking of our favorite succubus, the countdown is on for #5, Succubus Shadows, which comes out at the end of March/early April. A few contest winners and friends have read it and given it good reviews, which is always a relief. lolcatz just finished it and has declared it has "a lot of feelings and emotions" and is good for people who like the series. He likes the series too, but I think he was hoping for more ninjas or something (but I gotta save something for #6, right?). He's about to start Spirit Bound now that it's gone to production, so I'm curious about his review of that. Some of my publishers are reading it too, but I'm not sure I trust their reviews because I don't think they'd admit it if they didn't like it!

For those looking for your VA fix, let me direct you to Penguin Australia's Quote Open, which reminds me a little of March Madness--or, well, any competition that involves brackets. Check it out to understand what it's all about and vote for your favorite quotes. I admit, it was like walking down Memory Lane! Sometimes it's weird to realize I actually wrote those.
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