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Cover up

It appears I've been remiss in posting new international covers, so we're going to do a mess o' them today. Before we do, I have some housekeeping stuff and favors to ask.

First up: is currently letting you vote for their Children's Choice Book Awards 2010 nominees. They have a suggested list, and sadly, the book I'm eligible for (Blood Promise) isn't on it! So, if you want to help make me a nominee, you can still vote for BP by going to the bottom of the page and writing in Blood Promise. Here's the link to vote. Thanks so much!

Second: my website is misbehaving lately...but only for me. So, if any of the pictures on my blog here don't load for you, I'd love it if you left a comment and said what browser you're using. You can also check and Sometimes one loads for me, sometimes only the other does. If you aren't having problems, no need to comment here.

Okay, covers! Here we go:

The UK version of Succubus Shadows, Georgina #5:

The Bulgarian version of Frostbite. This isn't the final title, for those who know Bulgarian. It literally says 'Frostbite' but the meaning isn't quite the same as in English. The final title will translate as 'Scorching Cold.' That might seem weird to English speakers, but not for Bulgarians (or Russians who also use that title).

Here's the Japanese cover of Vampire Academy. And no, it's not Manga. That's just the cover style they went with. The book is actually a Japanese text translation. No pics inside.

The Italian version of Frostbite. I'm guessing this title isn't a direct translation either.

Vampire Academy in Portuguese (by the publisher in Portugal, not Brazil):

Following right on the tails of VA in Greek, we have the Greek edition of Frostbite:

And, Frostbite must be making the rounds in the world because here it is in Turkish:

Whew! That's a lot. I've got a few others that I can't remember if I've posted or not, so I'll do a little digging and find out. Many thanks to my international publishers for their hard work! Thanks also to Dan, Jenny, Eli, and the tons of others I'm probably forgetting (sorry!) who've passed these along.
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