Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

Island in the stream

Tonight wrapped up my mini fan tour, and wow, what a high note it was. I ventured outside of New York City and into the depths of Long Island, to a Borders in Westbury. I can't even begin to say what a wonderful event it was. The crowd was great, and the store's staff did an amazing job running everything. Thank you, one and all.

I'm pretty tired, so my commentary will be brief on these pics. Heather Osborn (from the Forks adventure) came along and live-Tweeted the event, so if you're on Twitter, you can scroll back through her feed to see her captions and cell phone pics of moment-by-moment action. She also transcribed (in as much as you can in 140 characters) my Q&A.

Anyway, like I said: we had a fantastic crowd.

Once I goaded people, there were tons of great questions, and it was one of those nights I wish we could have just kept chatting and chatting.

Just like at the other signings, we raffled off some VA shirts, and here are the lucky winners:

The shirts look good on too!

And in one of my more surprising gifts, I got some sweet Navy stuff from a reader named Laura, who just happens to be a Navy recruiter. Don't worry--she wasn't trying to recruit me! She said I could keep writing. Thanks for the goods, Laura--and the hard work you do.

And that was Long Island! This post might be brief, but like I said, this was really amazing. People often thank me for coming on tour, but it's the people at Penguin Books who do the hard work of organizing all of this and paying for it. I have the easy part--just show up! So, I want to offer many thanks to them and especially to my publicist, Casey McIntyre who shouldered so much of the work that went into this. She handles all the little things and is the person I call at 6:45am when my car to the airport doesn't show up. Thanks also to the Penguin media/film team (Lauren, Lisa, and Courtney) who stopped by yesterday to get some great footage for an upcoming video. It'll be great when it's finished.

Tomorrow I get to talk to my peeps at Kensington Books, who publish Georgina and Eugenie, so that'll be a lot of fun. After that, I'm off to the airport and back home to Seattle--something I'm REALLY looking forward to. I love my readers, but I love my home and husband too, and it's going to be nice to be back in a familiar setting and routine.

Thanks again, everyone! See you in Seattle!
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