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Recovery day

Well, after falling behind in work this sick week, I'm up and at 'em. My symptoms stopped after a few days, and I felt great yesterday...for a little while. Then, I got a whole new set of stomach pains. I have since learned from my doctor that the nausea and headaches were some variant of stomach flu (and that maybe I was already sick going into Avatar). I got sick again yesterday because I felt so good that I just started eating like crazy--and not eating smart things. She said a lot of people do that because they don't eat much while they're sick, so they're starving when they feel better (which I was). But, apparently, the stomach is still sensitive and doesn't react well to being fed whole-grain Pop-Tarts and coffee. So, I've been eating bland foods since then, and the results have been amazing. That being said, I'm really tired of grits and crackers and could seriously tear into a cheeseburger right now. And I don't even eat red meat.

Honestly, I'm just grateful to have recovered before my trip. I fly out bright and early tomorrow morning to beautiful New Orleans and will get to spend the evening with fab author Diana Rowland. Then the gamble will be on to see if I think my stomach's recovered enough to try authentic N.O. food. I'm about 50/50 right now. The rest of you Louisiana folk can see me Saturday night at Octavia Books at 5pm. The details for that (and my Miami and New York signings the next few days) are right here.

As I head off to finish packing, I give you this: the Greek cover of Vampire Academy:

The pic was taken on a shelf, where the book was propped at an angle, so you're seeing other books on the sides (not some crazy border). Pretty cool. Thanks very much to Christina A who snapped this while on vacation.

Talk to you guys tomorrow from New Orleans! As always, Twitter and Facebook will have updates.
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