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Sick day

I saw Avatar on Sunday, and many people have heard me talking about how its crazy jungle-swinging, dragon-flying 3D IMAX action gave me motion sickness in the theatre. Well, after enduring the same type of nausea and headache for the last two days, I'm thinking that Avatar might not be to blame. It seems I may have actually caught a flu or stomach bug of sorts and simply went into the movie already sick. As someone who rarely catches anything (read previous arrogant posts about my refusal to get flu shots), this is quite a surprise for me.

It's also a damned inconvenience because when I'm run down like this, my work doesn't get done. And sadly, my job doesn't have sick days built into it when it comes to deadlines. I'm also hoping I'll be feeling better when I head off on the tour this week because airplanes + sick are not a good mix. Speaking of work and deadlines and all that, I wanted to take a minute and explain a bit of what I'm working on right now.

Someone was surprised to hear that I was working on VA6 since Spirit Bound isn't out yet. Yup. In publishing, authors are always working waaaaay ahead in a series. In very basic terms, it takes me about 3 months to write a first draft, 3-4 more months to work with my editors to fix and revise it to a final draft, and then another 3 months for my publisher to actually print the book, communicate with bookstores, and get it shipped to them so you can read it. And that's a fast schedule! It sometimes takes longer, if one of those stages gets held up. So, for SB to have its May release, we need to be proofing the final version right Which we are. Once that's done, it'll be shipped off to production, and then I move on to writing something else: in this case, VA6. It seems weird since 5 isn't out, but really, this is pretty normal for authors. This is also why there's so much time between book releases.

I noticed other people asking about why we're not hearing much about Eugenie's series. I've talked a lot about Georgina and VA lately because they have new releases this spring. Since Eugenie's next installment doesn't come out until early 2011, I'm not yet in that writing cycle. She's next on the schedule when I finish VA6, so you'll be hearing me talk more about Iron Crowned in a few more months. I mentioned this earlier, but she got pushed off to ease the stress in my schedule. I feel sad about that for those who are excited to read her next installment, but let's be realistic: me overworking and having a nervous breakdown would definitely slow down the schedule. But, the good news is that the Eugenie book after IC is going to come out fairly quickly, so hopefully that'll help soften the wait.

Okay, my mind is getting tired, so it's back to the couch for me to eagerly wait for American Idol. Oh, Paula. I'll miss you.
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