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Book signings and a live chat!

Okay, we've got some cool news today. I'll start by reminding everyone of my upcoming visits to Miami, New Orleans, and New York City this month. I know I've mentioned them before (yesterday, in fact), and you'll hear me talking about them a lot more. But, you'd be amazed how many people miss that kind of info, and I'll be sad the day after my Miami signing when someone writes, "When are you coming to Miami?" It happens. So, here's the info on that.

And here's what's going on this week. Our pals at Penguin Books are hosting a live online chat with me this Thursday, January 7, at 5pm U.S. Pacific time. So, that 6pm Mountain time, 7pm Central time, and 8pm Eastern time. If you don't live in the U.S., you've got to go calculate your time zone over here. Remember Australians: U.S. Thursday = Australia Friday. Check the link above for the time.

Basically, you'll be able to sign into a chat window and send me your questions and comments LIVE. My publicist will sift through them and send them to me, and then I'll type back responses to as many as I can. You won't see all the questions (because that would be kind of chaotic), but my answers will pop up in the window. Good times. I'm not sure yet how long it'll go (I wouldn't guess more than an hour), but here's the link you need to go to. It has instructions and will explain more about how it works. I've given you as much technical detail as I can. So get online this Thursday, and good times will ensue!

My last bit of news is still in the works, and I'll notify everyone as soon as I've got the dates and locations. But, I figured it was time for a heads-up. Ready? I'm coming to the UK in February. Get ready!
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