Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

Christmas orders and some new international covers

First up, the results of the lolcat contest will come sometime tomorrow, so stay tuned! Second, I wanted to thank everyone for all of the wedding well wishes. We really appreciate it! As some have guessed, the wedding was indeed in Napa, California. Good eye, you guys. It was really beautiful down there, even if it was chilly (though not nearly as cold as Seattle right now or most of the U.S.). The photography was done by Richard Wood, whom I heartily recommend if you ever need pics down in wine country.

I also wanted to add that I'll be autographing another batch of mail order books at University Bookstore on Monday. So, if you have orders pending with them, the books'll ship that day or Tuesday and should make it out in plenty of time for the holidays (at least domestically). I'll try to stop by the store again before Christmas, but if you want any autographed copies for gifts, placing an order by Monday is probably the safest call. As always, info on ordering is right here. Some people have asked what happens with the boxed VA sets. For those, I sign all three books, and then the store shrink wraps them all nicely together again.

Also on the topic of gifts, Synde has made some more Vampire Academy jewelry and, per people's requests, has branched into some chotki-style bracelets that are pretty sweet. The link to her store is here, though last I saw, stuff was moving pretty fast! Check it out.

Okay, last order of business: new book covers. Things have been pretty business in Europe. First, we have the German cover of Storm Born:

Next up, the German cover of Blood Promise.

And (can't remember if I've shown this one already) the German cover of Succubus Heat:

This last pair is kind of a surprise. Until now, all of the English speaking countries who publish VA have kept the American covers. Well, part way through the series, the UK appears to have (ironically) rebelled:

I wouldn't be surprised if the earlier books in the series are re-released to match, but I have no real evidence to support that theory. I'll definitely keep you posted. Also for the UK: you guys will be synced up with the US and Australia when Spirit Bound comes out, meaning it will hit your shelves the same day it hits ours. No need for importing!
Tags: book covers, foreign rights
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