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Well, I'm happy to report that I'm a married woman! lolcatz and I hopped town this weekend for what turned out to be a really amazing wedding. Whenever I told people it would just be the two of us at the wedding, I don't think anyone realized how serious I was. We had no guests, just us and the essential personnel (officiant and photographer). Of course, that doesn't mean we didn't still have the full-on dress, suit, and flower action going on.

We'll still be having parties (involving cake!) with family and friends now that we're back in town, but it's pretty nice not having to deal with a formal reception. We got lucky on a lot of things--say, like, the weather. Facebook and Twitter followers might remember me lamenting the rainy and cold forecast. Well, it was cold, but the rain stopped that morning, letting us have the ceremony outside. Soggy ground was a little tough on my 4" heels, but it was worth it to get Tyra Banks "smizing" shots like this:

A lot of people have asked about the flowers. Those are Schwartzwalder calla lilies. They're so dark a purple that they look almost black in some lighting. They're also incredibly awesome and got us free champagne on the plane ride home when I carried them with me, alerting the flight attendants that we were newlyweds. Alaska Airlines: still my favorite airline.

My wedding band was actually made by one of my readers, who happens to be a jewelry designer here in Seattle! Unfortunately, I currently have misplaced the detailed photos she took of it, so I'll have to hold off on showing it off (my camera can't do it justice). Thanks, Sophia!

All in all, everything came together beautifully considering we planned it in only 3 months, and many thanks to the family, friends, and readers who supported us! Even with a small wedding, there was still a lot of work right up until the last minute. People have asked about a honeymoon, but we're putting that off for a warmer time of the year. And for those who worry about my books being neglected, have no fear. Even at my own wedding, I can't stop doing the author smile:

Lastly, for those who submitted entries to the lolbook contest, thank you to you as well! We got a lot of entertainment out of those this weekend. The contest is now closed to new entries, and I'll announce a winner later this week.
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