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Me, on your Xbox

Here's some cool news for those of you (in the U.S. or Canada) with Xboxes and gold accounts. On Tuesday, December 1, I'm going to be a special guest during 1 vs 100's live episode at 6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern). If you're not familiar with it, 1 vs 100 is a trivia game show that you (aka your avatar) can log into at certain times and play with tens of thousands of other people. Twice a week, they do live episodes that actually have a real live host in a studio who talks between rounds and comments on the show. That's who I'll be hanging out with throughout Tuesday's episode, so you'll get a chance to hear the dulcet sounds of my southern-twanged Midwest accent speaking through your Xbox. The questions are all general trivia (not vampires!), and I actually submitted some to the episode. Everyone who plays has a chance to be selected as a contestant, and if you are, you might win prizes in the form of Microsoft points.

So, that's my laywoman's description. The official page is here and explains things much better than I do and has a demo video. It also has the schedule of upcoming episodes if you want to log in and practice up! Extended episodes just have trivia with no live host and happen almost every day. Live episodes are the ones with the host and prizes and happen twice a week. In fact, there's a live one tonight (Friday) starting at 7pm Pacific if you want a trial run before my episode on Tuesday. Check it out! It's a good time. lolcatz, who works on the game, assures me anyone who owns an Xbox should be able to find the game and run it. As I said earlier, you need a gold account, and I think it's found under the 'spotlight' option of the main menu. But I'll leave it on faith that you can figure it out.

Oh yeah--the other cool thing is that you can email in questions and comments for me during the show, and we might talk about them on the air.
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