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Another random update post

Wow, that's a long time to go without a blog post. I'm embarrassed. For those wondering what happened to me, all I have is the usual story: there was a lot of work craziness going on this last week or so. I think when you're self-employed, people think you can take days off whenever you want. If anything, it's the opposite. If I take a day off, it just means I've lost a day of work toward a book because the deadlines don't change! So, I'm usually powering through weekends.

Anyway, I promised a recap of my birthday on the 12th, so here's the short version. It was a 3-day extravaganza. On my birthday itself, I got to eat dinner at the Melting Pot, one of my favorite places because you can't go wrong with with pots of cheese and chocolate (not together). The next night I saw an 80s cover band, and the night after that, I saw The Daily Show's John Oliver do some stand-up. It was a pretty awesome show.

My days during that extravaganza were spent doing Succubus Shadows copy edits, but that's okay because it pretty much means SS is put to bed now. New readers always want to know the stages of getting a book published, so I'll go over them quickly again: writing the first draft, revisions/edits, copy edits, and proofing. Copy editing involves a grammar/style check, as well as hammering out any remaining inconsistencies, bad pacing, etc. It's also the last time you can make major changes to a book, so while I still have to proof-read SS, there's really no more hardcore work to do on it. Just a read-through. Spirit Bound is in its third round of revisions right now and should hit copy edits in December.

The other thing keeping me busy was that I spent this Friday and Saturday filming a promo video about me and the succubus books. Kensington (Georgina's publisher) sponsored a 2-man film crew to come out and shoot me in my office, home, University Bookstore, and various Seattle locations. It's crazy because it took two days, and the video will only be 3 minutes long. But there should be lots of good stuff in there. There are cameos by Team Seattle, Duane (who organizes my signed books at U Bookstore), and possibly one of my cats. It'll be online early next year.

Okay, I think that catches us up on everything. I'll have more coherent posts now that things are (slightly) calmer.
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