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Around the world day

So, here's what we've got today: all sorts of international news. I'm way behind in updating the international section of my website, but since its last overhaul, I've had some sales in other countries.

In Georgina's world, succubus books have recently sold Vietnamese and Thai publishing rights. I didn't see those coming. Also since my last website update, Vampire Academy has sold rights in: Hungary, Israel, Vietnam, Japan, Denmark, and Indonesia. The international link above has info on all the other translations that have sold in the past.

I've mentioned this before, but once foreign rights are sold, the books kind of drop off the radar for me. I'm not always told when they'll come out, so I have no info about their publishing schedules. Some companies do fast translations; others don't. I also don't really have a lot of control over which countries buy publishing rights. My agency and publisher pitch the respective series to international publishers, and then it just depends on who makes an offer.

Anyway, here are covers of recent ones that have hit the shelves (or are about to) around the world. Thanks to Arancha for hunting down many of these.

Bulgarian Vampire Academy:

Swedish Shadow Kiss

Turkish Frostbite

Larger shot of the Russian Frostbite that I posted before:

German Succubus Dreams:

Hungarian Vampire Academy, similar to the German VA, plus it has its own website:

Good times. I don't control these covers any more than I control the US ones, but I love seeing how each culture interprets the story. It's always a fun surprise.
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