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Return of the blog

Man, I don't know when I became such a lazy blogger. It used to be I wouldn't go to bed unless I posted something, no matter how small. I guess my slacking is the product of work and tiredness. Those are respectable reasons, but I'll try to do better by you guys--especially since I'm behind on a lot of stuff. Future posts will have more foreign covers and the most astonishing store placement of one of my books since someone shelved Succubus Blues in the teen section at Borders.

First up, thanks to your awesomeness, I won Bitten By Books' Fave Paranormal Author 2009 poll. Now, I have a feeling I would have been crushed if some of the bigger candidates had rallied their fans out, but that's not relevant. What's important is that I asked my readers to get out and vote, and you guys did--in force. I was floored. So thank you, thank you. I'm continually amazed at how lucky I am to have such great readers. You guys really are the best.

And speaking of voting, it's Election Day! It's probably no surprise to anyone that my ballot was cast in a liberal direction. What is surprising is that November seems to have appeared out of nowhere. This is my birthday month, and I've never really shaken my childhood excitement whenever I hear the word November. It is a magical month, and growing up in Michigan, it used to be quite a coup if we could make it to my birthday without snow. It didn't happen very often. Here in Seattle, I have better luck--but after last winter, I should know better than to count on anything.

And guess what comes before November? Halloween! Here's how I spent mine.

Dressed like a cowgirl! Twice. I hosted a party one night and attended another a different night. Good times all around. We had a great turnout at our place, with lots of neat costumes. We also debuted one of the most atrocious substances known to mankind: bacon-flavored vodka.

Don't believe me? Let's let its logo speak for itself.

I like how they immediately answer the question that comes to everyone's minds right away. I also like that tagline because it really sums it all up nicely. I saw this a while ago at a store and decided the party needed it. Now, normally I try to avoid too much drinking talk around here, in deference to my pure and untainted teen readers. But I am over 21, and let's face it: bacon vodka is something that society needs to address.

Their website has some of the most godawful recipes I have ever seen, including a bacon chocolate martini and something called "swine flu shot." Crazier still is that liquor stores in the area keep selling out of it. What I have yet to learn, though, is if the people buying it ever come back for more. We got about 10 people to do simultaneous shots of that stuff, and let me tell you: the verdict was not good.

And that, kids, is why you shouldn't drink.
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