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Blog overdue

Whoa, I just realized I haven't blogged since Sunday. I mean, the Spirit Bound cover was cool, but cool enough to neglect LJ that long? Unclear.

Anyway, as I try to figure out where my week went, I'll get one piece of housekeeping out of the way. Bitten By Books is doing one of their most ambitious polls yet: Favorite Paranormal Author 2009. There are so many great candidates that they're doing it in rounds, and this week is my round. If you want to go vote for me (or any of the other awesome people there right now - I don't mind!), then head over to this link and look for the poll on the right. This round ends tomorrow night, and you can pick two authors.

Okay. Richelle's week. As often happens, particularly with those of us who are chronically running late, I'm transitioning from polishing Succubus Shadows's first draft to round 1 of Spirit Bound revisions (i.e., bringing us to SB draft 2). People always wonder about why release dates are what they are, and it's because of all this polishing and revising that needs to be done. Believe me, you wouldn't to read some of the first drafts I've turned in!

So that's kept me busy. On writing breaks, I've been doing some wedding planning too. Facebook and Twitter users know that I ordered my wedding dress this week. I was pretty lucky that the one I'd seen and liked online was as cool in person--and that it can arrive within 2 months, which is pretty short turnaround for bridal gowns. The 2 months is important because lolcatz and I have decided to tie the knot in December. In an attempt to preserve my personal life, I won't be giving out any more info on date, location, etc. here or on any other public sites. So, most of my fans will learn about it after the fact. But don't worry--there'll be lots of pictures!

And for those who asked, I can't post dress pictures because lolcatz reads this! I'm not overly traditional, but even I have boundaries. :) And speaking of the man himself, I've gotta run because he's home sick with a nasty cold, and I'm going to double my post office trip today with an orange juice/tissue run. I usually have a pretty good resistance to colds (knock on wood), so cross your fingers our home doesn't go under quarantine.
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