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Wednesday round-up

Okay, I didn't blog yesterday, so let's catch up on what's new and exciting in the world. First up, the poll is still going on to vote for my next tour cities. That link is right here. I cannot beg you enough: please, PLEASE don't re-post what you voted for here or post the city you wish was on the poll. I know people are excited and want to share what they voted for, but it fills up the comments like crazy and makes them hard to sift through. The poll will do the counting for us, and if your city's not there, there's nothing I can do this time--just hope for the future and a chance to weigh in then. Thanks so much for understanding!

In book news, yesterday was Tuesday, the big release day in publishing. Here are my friends who have hot stuff going on this week:

Demon Princess: Reign or Shine by Michelle Rowen

This is the first book in a new YA series by my pal Michelle Rowen. As the title suggests, it's about a teen who discovers she's actually half-demon (and royal to boot) and destined to inherit a kingdom. Plenty of people want to stop this from happening, but fortunately, she has friends--particularly some attractive guys--who want to help her. The book's full of the romance and humor that Michelle is so good at (and demons--don't forget the demons), and I think that cover is fantastic. And while it's hard to see, there's a little blurb at the top by this, ahem, vampire author I know, so it must be good.

Boneshaker by Cherie Priest

Seattle author Cherie Priest kicks things up by writing about the one thing our fair city has long been missing: zombies. This is also one of those new-fangled steampunk books that all the kids are talking about, so if you've been wondering what's going on, here's a way to try it out. It's got an alternate history setting and chronicles what happens when an accident triggers the release of noxious gas that turns a large part of Seattle's population into zombies, thus creating all sorts of mayhem and the need for a wall around the city (which we probably needed anyway). Good times.

So, check 'em out if you're looking for good reads!

My last news of the day is a bit overdue. Penguin Australia has posted some videos of my time there, if you want to see me in action. There are shots from the VA After Party, as well as the astonishing line we discovered at my mall signing. All that stuff is right here on their site.
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