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Red-letter week

Well, fast on the heels of the engagement comes some more news, which maybe--just maybe--will be more exciting to some of you than my impending nuptials. I know, I know. Crazy talk, right? Let's see:

I'm adding three more tour dates in November.

And you're picking the locations.

And by 'the locations,' I mean one of these U.S. cities: New Orleans, Raleigh, Providence, Salt Lake City, Miami, New York City, Birmingham, and Minneapolis.

Awesome, huh? My publisher (who organizes this stuff - so thank them for being so nice!) wants me to get some more frequently flier miles, and I want to meet more readers. What you need to do is go to the Official Voting Page and pick the city you'd most like me to visit. The top three vote-getters will be selected! Let me emphasize this: do not vote here on my blog. Vote at the link listed above. In fact, just to be safe and make sure your city gets its vote, I'll turn off this post's comments. :)

So head on over to the poll and pick your city! I'm not sure when the poll ends, but seeing as I'll be traveling in early November, I'm guessing we'll need to decide pretty quickly. Good luck! Can't wait to meet more of you!
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