Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

Virtual crazy cat lady

First, a little business. Georgina fans can rejoice! Succubus Shadows now has its cover and description posted up on my website. I'll warn you, though. The description references the end of Succubus Heat (and previous books by default), so don't read the SS description unless you're up to date on the series!

Today I had something totally awesome I was going to post, but it's not ready yet, so I'm going to take us in a different direction. I try to donate to some charity (or charities) each year, and this time (along with the American Cancer Society) I'm donating to Purrfect Pals, which is a no-kill cat shelter here in the Seattle area. If any locals have ever seen the cats up for adoption at Petco, it's being run by Purrfect Pals.

Anyway, you can of course donate outright to PP, but they also have a program where you can "sponsor" some of their cats that are unlikely to get adopted for reasons like age, disease, or behavioral stuff. So, these cats pretty much live permanently at the shelter. I like this sponsoring idea because there's no way I can bring another cat into my house (my two girls would flip out--not to mention lolcatz), but this way I can still sort of have more cats. Since they live at the shelter and not with me, I don't officially hit crazy cat lady status either. Of course, I suspect the money spent to sponsor a cat really is just kind of an overall donation to the shelter. I mean, the unsponsored ones are still being fed and taken care of! :) It's just nice to have a personal connection to "mine", and really, I'm happy to help this organization out however I can.

Anyway, I figured I'd gradually introduce you to my virtual herd when I don't have other topics. So here's the first one I've sponsored. Or, well, two.

This is Sizzler and Twizzler, sister and brother, who came to the shelter as feral kittens with all sorts of upper respiratory diseases. They've been treated but will still always have some of the effects, which is why they're hard to adopt out. They're happy and playful, but since they love each other so much, they need to be adopted together--which may not work for some people. That was part of the reason I picked these two--I kind of got all emotional thinking of them needing to stay with each other. For Georgina fans, Sizzler (on the right) looks exactly like Aubrey.

Their profile page is here if anyone wants to read more, and Purrfect Pals' main site gives more info on sponsoring cats (which doesn't cost much--hint, hint!) and other ways to help out.

Okay, tomorrow: something awesome. Not that adorable cats aren't. But it's a different kind of awesome.
Tags: herding cats
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