Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

Tour Days 16 & 17: More fun than the Jonas Brothers

Well, last night wrapped up my U.S. book tour. I had a great Barnes and Noble signing over in Burlington (outside of Boston). I haven't heard a great many true Boston accents, so it was fun to hear them when people came and talked to me.

Here's a few highlights. As you can see, we had a great showing of art and t-shirts.

The quotes on those last two shirts are from Christian: "If you weren't so psychotic, you'd be fun to hang around" and Mason: "Really, you're lucky you have someone as suave and brilliant as me paying attention to you." Searching out quotes paid off for the young lady on the right because her study of the books won her a trivia contest. Nice work!

Of course, the true mark of last night's success when was one of my readers was overheard saying, "This was more fun than the Jonas Brothers concert we went to!" I try, guys. I try.

Now, I'm writing to you from JFK airport in blustery New York City. I flew in this morning on a very turbulent flight, which I braved without Xanax. I feel like such a drug addict when I talk about flying, but my fear is just that great, and that flight was pretty scary for me. But, it was also very short, so the Xanax seemed wasted and I also didn't want to go see my publishing peeps semi-sedate. Maybe that would just be keeping up with an author image.

Anyway, I hung out over at Penguin (VA's publishers) and had a great lunch with all the amazing staff there who do so much work for the series. My agent Jim McCarthy also showed up for the fun, and then by pure chance, free ice cream was being given away in the building's lobby by Jacques the chocolate guy (whom I'm told New Yorkers will know). When Jim returned to his office, his building's lobby was giving out New York is the place to be today if you like sweets.

So, this was just a quick three hour visit in New York, with no public events. I'll be flying out soon to Los Angeles, where I'll then catch a 13+ hour flight to Australia and finally get to see just how accurate Outback Steakhouse's menu really is. I'm excited to meet all of the Aussie fans, but I have to confess...I'm more excited right now to see lolcatz after 2.5 weeks away from home. He'll be joining me in L.A. tonight and take the long flight to the southern hemisphere with me. NYC is having some weather-related flight delays, but my fingers are crossed that we'll have a brilliant, on-time romantic reunion in the airport and not long, rebooking conversations with the airline.

Seeing as Australia has the internet, the updates should still be coming in pretty regularly as I move into the international leg of my tour. Thank you so much to all of you who turned out for the American part of it. It's been really great meeting everyone, and I appreciate your support. This has been lots of fun, and I'll be talking to you all soon from Australia!
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