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Tour Day 14: Raiding the minibar for food instead of liquor is kind of sad

Okay, let's address something important: my hair. I make no secret of the fact that while my hair is naturally red, I increase its redness a lot. Sadly, red dye fades from hair pretty quickly, and I was prepared for it to happen on this trip, particularly since travel makes you want to wash a lot more than usual. Today I noticed that my color was pretty awful, and the red-enhancing conditioner I used this morning did nothing. Distraught over how I could show my face--er, hair--at a signing, I stopped by a random salon on the way back from breakfast today and asked if they could pump up the color without doing a harsh dye job (since I'd just had one 2 weeks ago). After much consultation, they put some semi-permanent stuff in to boost the color. The whole thing made me incredibly anxious. I've had too many hair disasters over the years, and I was nervous about someone who is not my usual hairdresser in Seattle working on me. Fortunately, when they finished, my gamble paid off.

That's me with reader Mallory at my signing in the Ellicott City Barnes and Noble tonight. The color isn't as good as what my own hairdresser does, but it was heaps better than when I walked in. I think what's more fascinating than the details of this story (which really aren't that fascinating) is the way it got spread through Facebook and Twitter. Because naturally, I had to let everyone know what was going on while the color was on my hair. And by the time the signing came around, tons of people at the store were all asking me about the hair and assuring me it looked good. The internet is an amazing thing, and as I've said before, you should always be careful about what stray thoughts you share because everyone is listening.

Okay, I'm tired of talking about my hair. Let's get to the signing. It was another 3-hour one, with a turnout of 200-250 very fun and very patient people! The store's staff (Amber, Kat, and Candace who are shown in the above pic) was incredibly efficient and made everything go really smoothly. People came from places as far as New York, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia! Here were the t-shirt turnouts for the night. They have quotes on the shirts and stickers that may be hard to read here but that are pretty fun. They also gave me some quote stickers of my own.

What also turned out were some of lolcatz's family. He has an insane number of siblings, and as I travel the country, I keep meeting more and more of them. It's kind of like playing bingo or a collectible card game. I think I'm only one sibling away from winning a prize.

Good times--and very exhausting times. I came back to my hotel nearly ready to fall over, only to discover the excitement wasn't over yet. Look what lolcatz scanned in for me:

DUDE! The Succubus Shadows cover flat showed up in the mail! Cool, huh? I'd been wondering what color scheme they'd go with and really like how it turned out. The hair is never quite as light as I imagine Georgina's, but the beauty of a succubus is that really, she can look like anything. And those clothes are fantastic. Artist Chad Michael Ward delivers yet again.

So, that's cheery news as I get ready for bed and eat a sad meal of leftover turkey sandwich from lunch paired with minibar cheese crisps. The bookstore gave me a free frappuccino, though, so life is pretty good, even if my current levels of nutrition are sketchy.

Tomorrow finds me at the Borders in Fairfax, VA at 7pm (note the time). I hope to see the other half of the metro DC area population turn out because goodness only knows how long my hair color is going to last. Don't miss out!
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