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Tour Day 10: Costumes and coconuts

Before I write about anything today, I have to do a retraction of sorts. When Stacia Kane, Mark Henry, Tiffany Trent, and Synde showed up at the signing last night with my pens, I referred to them as my "merchandise carriers" or something equally inappropriate--which was very wrong of me. They're my friends, and it was very kind of them to come bring me my stuff. That being said, I'm also supposed to amend Stacia's tweet implying she was the only one who brought them. They apparently all took turns carrying the stuff, but the package did go to her house, so she still gets points. But thanks to all of you--and to Terri for the ride to the hotel.

Ok, now that that's out of the way, let's talk about my DragonCon experience so far. After a week and a half of being "on the road" by myself, it was a huge relief to get here last night and start seeing my friends. I love doing bookstore signings and have so much fun talking to people for 3 hours, but whenever I get back to my hotel room alone, I kind of crash. So, having everyone around really made me feel better after a pretty crazy 10 days, and I even have a roommate now: Synde the jewelry maker. As you can see, she and I have enough hair care products and bags of makeup to open a salon:

For those not familiar with it, DragonCon is the world's biggest Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention, and believe me, it is a sight to behold. It spans four hotels and is jammed packed with celebrities from all walks of SF/F fandom. Thousands of people attend. My first panel of the day was about vampires, and I got to have Jeanne Stein and Heather Brewer with me. I was also lucky enough to have a reader in the audience with a copy of Blood Promise because I never have one. Thanks, Trudy!

I'm not entirely sure what's going on here, but Jeanne and I appear to be pondering some philosophical vampiric dilemma. Neither of us appear to have the answer.

For those who have stereotypes about SF/F cons, let me assure you: they are all true. At least when it comes to DragonCon. Let's do a sampling of some of the sights, shall we?

We have viking girls:

Skeletons obeying cross-walk rules:

Scantily clad men:

Elf maids walking merrily with Stargate team members:

And, um, Jesus.

Pretty much the only thing DragonCon didn't have today was my celebrity crush Joe Flanigan, star of Stargate: Atlantis.

Now, there's a chance he might have been on a Stargate panel that I missed because I slept in. But, when I went to the hall where all the big stars (Malcolm McDowell, Felicia Day, James Marsters, etc.) hang out, he was not there. Someone else sat in his spot, and Joe's name sign had been replaced by a hand-written one. I later heard rumors of Joe missing his plane, so I don't know what's true or if he's coming to the con now, but I tell you: this will be a serious con let-down if he doesn't. I'd been pretty excited about the thought of getting my picture taken with him, though that might not have happened anyway since DCon is seriously hardcore about pictures in the celeb room. I nearly got tackled to the ground for taking one of Erin Grey (who looks fantastic for her age, by the way).

Anyway, it was still a fun and crazy day, and I had dinner at a Brazilian restaurant with some assorted friends. Among them was Tor editor Heather Osborn who shares my love of drinks and/or desserts that come inside coconuts (some of you might recall us getting coconut head drinks at the pirate dinner show in Orlando). It took us so long to get the perfect picture of us eating said dessert, though, that you can see the poor thing is half-melted in this shot.

I have a super late panel tonight called 'Blood and Fur' about vampires and werewolves, which will hopefully prepare me for tomorrow's smackdown with Maggie Stiefvater (still taking suggestions by the way). So, I have free time, which is why you get an early blog entry. For anyone at DragonCon or Decatur Book Fest, my panel schedule is up on my site, and I'll have a 'real' signing at Decatur following the smackdown. But, like today, if you can catch me after a panel, I'm happy to sign whenever.

More reports and costumes to come!
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