Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

Tour Day 2: The pen is mightier than electronic portable devices

This morning found Lili Saintcrow and I trading southern California for northern California. Despite some heavy traffic while going to LAX, we ended up getting to the airport in plenty of time, which initially seemed exciting. I have this 'priority pass' card I got with a credit card that gives me access to cool airport lounges, even if I'm not flying the airline who owns it. We figured we'd use said card to hang out in a lounge while waiting for our flight.

As it turned out, though, our flight to San Jose didn't leave from one of LAX's main terminals. We had to take a bus to this "terminal" that looked suspiciously like a cargo building that had been converted into a terminal. It had Celine Dion music playing on the speakers, as well as that "How do you talk to an angel?" song from my college years. Unsurprisingly, it had no elite lounge. Remote terminals always = small commuter planes, which was true for us. Fortunately, the trip was all very smooth and easy.

Once in San Jose, the first order of business was lunch. Our hotel's restaurant wasn't open. However, we were able to order food by going down to the pool and using the red phone. No, really.

For an extra 19% gratuity, we could have also launched missiles, but we stuck to club sandwiches. After that, our media escort Jim drove us to local stores for stock signings before our big event at Books, Inc. in Palo Alto.

And wow, it was big!! The staff (who was wonderful!) said they counted at least 150 people--people who were very, very enthusiastic. Not only that, it was the first event ever where I got to sign a Kindle.

There were lots of familiar faces there too, like Tricia and Nancy who are hardcore Bay Area peeps. The You Say Read We Say Party book club (whose high school I visited back in May) was also there. There was an astonishing guy demographic present as well (like, 8%), so thank you to Gabriel and the other men for giving our books male street cred. Many thanks also to Elsie who wrote me the nice card (and whose book I now worry I signed to Etsie because I misread the post-it note). Really, we're grateful to everyone there, whether you drove in from down the street or from Reno. (Yikes!)

If you look closely (particularly at the Kindle pic), you'll see I'm creeping closer to styling my hair nearer to what my hairdresser originally intended. The biggest aesthetic issue I'm noticing now is that when I leave a signing, my eye makeup has smudged all over from the heat and whatnot. There's nothing to be done for it, though. I can hardly stop in the middle of the signing to do a makeup break. I mean, how narcissistic would that be? It'd be as egotistical as having your picture taken with a sign of yourself and--

Oh. Well. I guess narcissism is in the eye of the beholder. (Is that a pun?)

Anyway, the Bay Area was good to us, and alas, Lili and I fly off in different directions tomorrow. She goes home to the Pacific Northwest, and I fly out to beautiful Denver, encountering my first time change of the tour. I'll miss her funny conversation and the co-dependency we've developed with her needing to help others who need help and me refusing help when I need help. It's been a beautiful thing. She is a good and wonderful person.

Also, I meant to mention this before, but I've synced my Twitter and Facebook pages so that every golden moment of my trip can be immortalized on the internet. So, if you're curious about when I'm in traffic or finding mysterious food in my room, follow me on one of those.

Anyway, I'll be signing Friday at the Boulder Bookstore @ 6pm, so Rocky Mountain readers: come show your pride if you're in Boulder, Denver, or anywhere else that allows you to come say hello. As luck would have it, my Denver writer pals (Mario Acevedo and Jeanne Stein) aren't in town while I am, so I'll be counting on the rest of you.

And as always, please: keep this blog a spoilers-free zone! :)
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