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Tour Day 1 (con.): Sign, Drink, Man, Woman

Well, as you might tell from my abbreviated entries here lately, things have been kind of crazy. It's hard to believe that Blood Promise only released yesterday because it seems like a million things have happened since then. The day just seemed to run away with me. I got up and found myself flooded with BP-related emails, then it was out the door to run errands and go to my two signings in Seattle. Among my errands were what could either be considered a brilliant idea or the worst one ever: a new haircut. With bangs. Or fringe, as some in the British Commonwealth like to say.

Of course, any haircut is a great idea when you have a stylist to do it for you, so I went to my signings in good cheer. I had an awesome time reading and signing with Lili Saintcrow at University Bookstore, where Duane and staff always put on a good time for authors. After that, I hurried out and fought traffic to make it in time to another signing over at the Redmond Borders, run by the astonishingly efficient Beth--who could rival Mr. Wolfe in Pulp Fiction. Both events had great turnouts.

Among those at Borders were lolcatz and some of our other local friends who nobly stayed the entire time, despite my protests. Also in attendance--from Portland--was awesome fan Franchesca who not only answers questions for me on Facebook but also is gaining a reputation for making VA t-shirts for herself:

After the signings, I remembered that I had to pack for 25 days and went home to frantically do that, seeing as I was being picked up at 5am to go to the airport. I finished around midnight, giving me about four hours of sleep. I met up with Lili at Sea-Tac, and the two of us sleepily flew down to Los Angeles. En route, an interesting thing happened. As the plane was passing out of Seattle's radio zone and into San Jose's (I'm not sure why Portland wasn't involved in this), the pilots learned that San Jose's tower was having trouble communicating with planes in its area. This meant our plane couldn't leave Seattle's radio zone until San Jose was back up. So, our plane apparently kept circling until this happened. I say apparently because I'm only recounting this secondhand, seeing as I was dozing on Xanax.

We landed on time nonetheless and later had a fantastic signing over at the Upland Library, with an estimated turnout of 145 people. Lili proved she was funnier than me in front of a crowd, and we were treated wonderfully by the library staff and our media escort Lisa. Note also that the new haircut and I went in a slightly different direction today, which wasn't entirely what I had intended.

This event was marked by another t-shirt, one made for me by Van. It has a scorpion on it with a nazar worked in. She was also nice enough to bring some other Scorpio-themed goodies:

When we got back to the hotel, I walked into my room and discovered a bottle of champagne, two glasses, and a cheese tray waiting for me.

Now, a normal person might ask where said food came from--particularly since I'd left the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on my door, and hotel staff usually won't cross that. Instead, I promptly went across the hall to get Lili to open the champagne and drink it with me. It was almond-flavored (hence its fancy 'Almondage' name) and inspired deep, authorly conversation. It was, for those in the know, a Food Party. Only later did we actually question where the champagne came from. We assumed it came from our mutual publisher, but when I called the front desk, the answers were vague. Until one of us gets sick, we're operating on the assumption the champagne was indeed a benevolent publisher act.

Tomorrow, Lili and I leave the L.A. area for the Bay area and will be signing in Palo Alto at Books Inc., 855 El Camino Real, at 7pm. Hope to see you San Francisco/San Jose readers there!

Also: because of yesterday's craziness, I didn't get a chance to post what else released with BP. Here are some other good titles in the urban fantasy world: Tall, Dark, and Fangsome by Michelle Rowen, Retribution by Jeanne Stein, Biting the Bullet by Jennifer Rardin, and Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men by Molly Harper. Probably others that I'm forgetting.

In closing, for Australian fans: please email if you're having trouble finding copies of Blood Promise in your area. Seriously. The nice people over at Penguin Australia will help you out since some are having difficulties and being told conflicting dates by bookstores. Also in Australia: congrats to Jessie Woods who won the Dolly Roving Reporter Contest! I'll be seeing you in Sydney.

Oh, and as always, for everyone: PLEASE, no spoilers!
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