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Time Zone Blues

I have to clear something up for Australians that might be kind of sad for some of you. There seems to be a little confusion about Blood Promise's release date. If you live in Australia, BP (officially) comes out on August 26. I've heard people bracing themselves for the 25th, but when my website says 8/25, that's in the US. Most of Australia runs 16 hours ahead of US time. So, right now as I write this, it's just after 11pm on Sunday the 23rd for me. If you're in Australia, it's Monday the 24th and just after 4pm (3pm in Western Australia). And, indeed, most of the time, your clocks and calendars read one day ahead of mine.

So, if Australia gets BP on 8/25, the calendar in the US still says 8/24. BP has to release for you when it's 8/25 for me--and that means 8/26. I don't know how to explain it any better than that. I keep having a lot of questions and comments from people having trouble following the time zones, so I hope that helps. If not, here's a map showing what time it is right now in all parts of the world. And here's a list showing current times all over the world.

Remember, time zones are just names. Australia isn't really waiting any longer. Someone in Seattle might buy BP at 4pm on 8/25 their time. Meanwhile, someone in Melbourne is buying BP at 9am on 8/26 their time. Yet, those two events are happening AT THE EXACT SAME MOMENT.

Seriously. That's the best I can do to clear this up.

As for the rest of the world, you only get US imports of BP, and that's a whole other story that I'm not getting into. Well, then there's Canada. But it's its own special case.

That being said, the good people at Penguin Australia are offering yet another contest--and it's open to everyone in the world. You can win a set of the first three VA books by taking your picture with Blood Promise. The details are here. And for those who have gotten a hold of or are about to get a hold of Blood Promise, PLEASE: don't put spoilers in the comments here. Some people who haven't read it are finding out too much already! Join my Yahoo Mailing List to chat about it.
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