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No signed books from U Bookstore while I'm on tour!

Just a quick note regarding the last post. If anyone is still interested in ordering signed books from University Bookstore, please note: they will not be able to ship any autographed books between 8/25 and 9/19. This is because I'll be on tour and unable to stop into the store to sign orders! So, if you want a signed book shipped out before I tour, orders need to be placed by August 24. Orders placed after that will not ship out until the end of September, when I'm back in town and actually able to sign the books.

The only exception is if you just want a book with my signature only. They sometimes have those in stock. But personalized ones ("To John, you're the best! -Richelle Mead") aren't available while I'm out of town.

As always, instructions to purchase from them are here. Thanks!
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