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This, that, things, and stuff. And a Seattle poll.

So, things are getting a little crazy around here as the official release date for Blood Promise looms closer. After much moping, I now have Australian copies and one US copy of the book in my hands. lolcatz and I frequently have a saying when we're outside and notice my garden: "That's a good looking flower bed." (And it is the most awesome one in the neighborhood, if I do say so myself). That expression has now been transferred inside whenever we see Blood Promise lying around: "That's a good looking book." And it is. Aside from being my first hardcover, it's also just...massive. I look at it, and it seems like it must be a book that someone else wrote, not me.

My life right now seems to be divided up between working on Spirit Bound, doing promo for Blood Promise, and getting ready for the tour. In that order. The building stress and craziness is affecting SB's progress, but it's plugging along, one chapter at a time, and I'm now in the last portion. That always goes (relatively) fast. Promo is all set in the swag department, and I've also been doing a lot of phone and email interviews, which is pretty cool. I've had some "big" publications interview me, as well as my good ol' hometown newspaper, the Kalamazoo Gazette. And as for the tour? Well, that's the part I'm lacking in. I've done no assessment on what I'm wearing or how to pack for 25 days. So far, the only thing I know for sure is that I'm doing laundry at Stacia Kane's house when I'm in Atlanta.

And like all authors with impending releases, I'm watching Amazon and Barnes & Noble sales ranks obsessively.

In closing, I have one of my shoddily made polls for people who live in Seattle (or the Northwest since I know some of you Portland folks are driving up). My pals at University Bookstore are trying to figure out how many people are coming to my release day signing on August 25. It's at 4pm, which is always a mysterious time.

So, here's a little poll to see if people are going to that one or the one in Redmond, which is that same day at 7pm. I did consider having a poll option for people who aren't going to anything, just so you could feel involved and get to click a button. I decided not to because the results would just look sad and askew since the majority of you don't actually live in Seattle.

Here we go:

Poll #1444469 Blood Promise Release Day Signings!

If you're attending a Seattle area signing on 8/25, which one are you going to?

University Bookstore, 4pm
Redmond Borders, 7pm

And oh, hey! Speaking of polls: many thanks to all of you who voted for Blood Promise at Bitten By Books. It won handily, and I really appreciate your support.

Oh, I thought of something else. You may notice comments are turned off here. It's a long story, but they'll be off for a few more days and then you guys can weigh in again. There's always Facebook and Twitter if you've got something to share! :)
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