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Sorry for going off the grid this week. I've found I'm staying saner by keeping a low profile. Without me even realizing it, my stress meter dialed up into the red zone recently, and now I feel like I'm just barely staying afloat with all the tasks I have to do before Blood Promise's release and tour! It's all pretty exciting, but it's also funny because I know some of you are wishing the days would speed up. Me? I could use some extra time!

So, I have no coherent post today, just a miscellaneous string of updates. First up, after a few weeks off, I'm back on one of Bitten By Books' weekly polls. This time, it's for August's most anticipated book release, and Blood Promise is a nominee. It's got a handy lead so far (knock on wood), and if you want to lend further support, you can cast your vote here.

And now, news from around the world...

Americans: your tour dates are holding steady over here. Make sure you read the 'PLEASE READ' section there for info about pictures and how many books I'll sign. For those who've done mail pre-orders of Blood Promise from University Bookstore, thanks! I'm going in to sign and personalize them next week (over a hundred orders - guess what I'll be doing all day?), and then I believe they'll ship out on 8/24. Locals: I'll also have a proper public reading and signing at U Bookstore on 8/25, as well as another at the Redmond Borders. All dates are on the calendar page linked above.

Australians: your tour scheduled is finalized here as well. For you guys, note that bookings are highly recommended, as seats are quickly disappearing for these events. One event has already sold out, but everything else still has availability (updates are at the calendar link). Also, remember to enter the Dolly Roving Reporter Contest--especially if you don't live in the cities I'm visiting. I hear the entries they've received so far are pretty amazing, so make sure you submit your entry to come be my personal reporter!

Everyone else: I'm getting a lot of questions about when Blood Promise will show up in other countries. The short answer: I don't know. A key part of this is whether there's a book company in your country that's actually publishing the VA series there vs. if the series is coming in as an import. While a lot of countries have bought publishing rights to the series, the only ones actually releasing titles right now are: Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, and Brazil. To my knowledge, the only one of those countries that's up to date with having all three books out and that will also have BP out with the Americans is Australia. That means everyone else is relying on American copies being imported via specialty stores or mail order--and again, that's just not something I know about. Sorry!

And that's about all I've got for you. I'll try to keep updates coming here when I get in some time, and if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook, I've done a reasonably good job at posting there recently. More news'll come as I get it, and thank to all of you who have been so wonderful at lending your support recently to me, Thorn Queen, and Blood Promise. You guys rock.
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