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Michael Bay will co-write

One question I sometimes get asked, along with favorites like "Are you going to make a movie?" and "Who's on the covers?" (please, please see my FAQ for those), is: "Are you ever going to write Vampire Academy from Dimitri's point of view?" The answer, I'm afraid, is a very solid no. A lot of people mention it because that was originally Stephenie Meyer's intent (to write from Edward's POV, that is, not Dimitri's!) until certain circumstances occurred. It was an idea she liked and one that worked really well for her style, but it's not so much something I'm into. Dimitri's POV would be interesting, but as a writer, I'm more excited about going forward with new stories instead of retelling the previous ones--even if it'd be a different spin.

That being said, perhaps this conversation that my boyfriend and I had while he was reading some of my writing last night will give hope to some of you:

Him: You kind of glossed over the fighting in this section.
Me: I know. But there are a lot of other fights in there. If I describe all of them in detail, it'd take up half the book.
Him: I kind of wanted to hear about it. It sounds interesting, and then suddenly, it's over.
Me: For every extra sentence I spend describing that fight, there are readers wondering why I haven't gotten to Dimitri yet. I can't do that to them.
Him: I think I'm going to write a guys' version of the Vampire Academy books.
Me: Like from a guy's point of view?
Him: No, written in a way that guys will like more. There'll be a whole bunch of fights and explosions. Maybe there'll be like one sentence where Rose and Dimitri kiss. Then it'll be more fights and vampires biting people. And another explosion.
Me: Not so much in the way of feelings and romance, huh?
Him: Not so much. I'll probably replace those parts with some blood splatter and bones snapping.
Me: Huh. There just might be a guy market for that.

So, it looks like lolcatz now has a side project to start working on. :) And Aussie readers, you've got a project. Dolly magazine and Penguin Australia have opened their Dolly Roving Reporter contest where you and a friend can be flown to Sydney to interview me and go to the After Party. Get your cameras out and film an audition for YouTube! Contest details are here.
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