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My spell checker did NOT like this post

First up, thanks to everyone who has been weighing in on Thorn Queen. I really appreciate the feedback and support! Also, a lot of people have been asking about TQ being free on Kindle last week. It was a promotion my publisher, Kensington, was doing. It got TQ a high Kindle sales rank (due to its "attractive price point," as lolcatz points out) and boosted Storm Born as well. Thanks again, everyone.

Here in Richelle's world, things are HOT...which you probably know if you're on Twitter because none of us will shut up about the weather in the Pacific Northwest. I have the luxury of central air, but the second floor (where my office is) isn't quite as arctic as the first--particularly with a computer running all day. Still, I don't feel it much until I leave the house. I tell you, though, triple digits are NOT normal for us in the summer, so this a shock for everyone.

I will be leaving my house this weekend to attend the Pacific Northwest Writers Association annual conference down in the beautiful(?) Seatac area, where I'll be part of the following workshops with my local author pals:

-7/31, 4:15-5:45pm: Urban Fantasy 101
-8/1, 8:30-10am, Tailoring Fantasy and Science Fiction to Young Adult Novels
-8/1, 1:30-3pm, Writing Sex and Romance for Fantasy and Science Fiction
-8/1, 3:30-5pm, Fantasy and Science Fiction: World Building

So, if you live in the area and are an aspiring writer, head over to PNWA's website to learn how to attend. At this late of a date, you have to register on-site, but they have the instructions and cost info.

And in more scheduling, the Australian leg of my tour is filling out more and more. Here's the latest from my publisher:

Monday 14 September – 5.00pm – Melbourne
Eastern Regional Libraries Event
At: Knox Civic Centre
511 Burwood Highway, Wantirna South
Booking Tel: (03) 9801 1422
Bookseller: Borders Doncaster
Talk & Signing – free event, bookings advisable to be assured place

Tuesday 15 September – 5.30pm – Melbourne
Dymocks Melbourne Talk – Signing
At: Dymocks Melbourne CBD
Lower Ground 234 - Collins St, Melbourne
Booking Tel: (03) 9660 8500
Talk – Signing – free event, bookings essential to be assured place

Thursday 17 September – 5.30pm – Sydney
At: Dymocks, Level 1, Shop 145
Westfield Penrith Plaza, Henry Street, Penrith
Tel: (02) 4731 5986
Signing - free event

Friday 18 September – 12.30pm – Sydney
Galaxy Books
At: 143 York Street Sydney
Tel: (02) 9267 7222
Signing - free event

Friday 18 September - 6pm-9pm
Vampire Academy Tour After Party
*Location is Changing* - Check back
This is a ticketed event - buy them here

Tour updates are always posted first over at Penguin Australia's website, and they're the ones you should contact with questions. Take note of a couple of things. First, did you see how I used the exotic Australian way of putting the date before the month? I'm learning the culture! I draw the line at vegemite, though. (Of course, who am I to judge when my own nation uses ranch dressing on everything?). Second, the location for the After Party is changing from St. Andrews. Keep checking its link for the new place.
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