Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) wrote,
Richelle Mead

Curiouser and curiouser

I think I've recovered enough from Friday to start blogging again. Wow, what a rollercoaster. It was actually a pretty calm day until other time zones started wanting to know why they weren't seeing the Blood Promise excerpt...which, of course, was because it wasn't 7/25 for me! My website doesn't have the power to be different for each time zone, and then all sorts of wackiness happened as people tried to calculate when the excerpt would go up for their region. When I finally posted it--12:02am my time--the traffic choked up my web server. That was both unexpected and flattering--and a little panic-raising since my entire site went dark, not just the excerpt page. While the number of hits was impressive, I'm not sure they were massive enough to knock down the site. But, in fairness to my hosting service (Yahoo), they did have it all back up in under 10 minutes.

So, phew! That's a lot of drama for one chapter. Thanks so much for all the great feedback on it and for all the dedication! I can't believe some of you stayed up all night in your time zones or set your alarm clock for the middle of the night. That's...amazing. Hopefully the chapter paid off and was worth it! We're less than one month away now, which means a book for you and a 3-week tour (why does that make me think of Gilligan's Island?) for me. I'm also getting my usual pre-release anxiety, so it was really reassuring to see that first chapter received so well. Thanks, everyone!

Okay, remember now: I do write other books too. Thorn Queen is on the verge of release and is, in fact, already out there. Because it has a soft release date, it's creeping onto shelves, available for download, and shipping from sites before 8/4. So, Storm Born fans, check out Eugenie's next adventure and let me know what you think! The UK cover of TQ just popped up, and even if she's not a red head, I think she looks pretty cool:

And on the topic of art--and to prove that I have a life outside my books!--lolcatz and I went to the Bellevue Art Festival yesterday, a sprawling event in which artists and kettle corn vendors took over downtown Bellevue with their booths. It was big and wonderful and HOT. It would figure we'd actually venture outdoors on one of the hottest days of the year.

While there, we saw art of every kind, but I fell for the work of Justin Hillgrove, a local artist who does paintings of everything from robot bears to Sweeney Todd to ninja skeletons...and makes them all kind of eerily adorable. He also does some awesome Alice in Wonderland stuff, and the boyfriend and I came home with this giclee:

Love it. It's going to be the centerpiece of the room we have in mind, but we also got a couple of little prints to go with it. Forgive the wacky angle and bad lighting of my photography:

The rabbit hole's already on stretched canvas, but those little ones need frames still. For anyone else in the area, I recommend the Bellevue Art Fest if you're looking for something to do this weekend. Yes, even people in Seattle: there is good stuff on the eastside. And it's right next to the air-conditioned mall, so if you can't stand the heat...
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