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When swag attacks

I realize I've been remiss in sharing something with everyone--something that might be of particular interest to those coming to the Salem, OR signing this Saturday. Some time ago, I was soliciting ideas for pens and pencils to stock up for the big fall tour. Well, I'm pleased to say the supplies are in, so here's what's up in the world of Richelle Mead writing technology:

First, the ego pens:

I feel a little funny having a pen that just touts me and my list status, but the clever caption I originally wanted wouldn't fit. So, I had to abbreviate because it was worth it to get these pens. They're probably the best quality I've ever had and were on sale too! Don't worry, gentlemen. They're not *quite* as pink in real life as they appear.

Next, my swag stash would not be complete without the famous color-changing pencils:

These say BLOOD PROMISE TOUR - 2009 on them and have my website etc. These change color with warm hands, as shown:

My hands are always cold, so I can't make them change very well. Those at my signings who have seen me attempt this and fail will appreciate that this is much better than usual, though.

Next up are the contest winners: sparkly pencils that say POCKET STAKE - FOR EMERGENCY USE ONLY (plus the website). Even without a flash, it's impossible to photograph that caption, so you'll have to take my word for it:

With the exception of the tour pencils (which will be given away on tour), I'll have these things along with me in Salem this weekend, which is fitting since I ran out of goodies in Portland back in May.

Oh, yeah. I also have these:

Oh my.

Your eyes do not deceive you. Those are molnija mark key chains. Yes, at long last, the mark I've been promising you, designed by my very talented friend Chad. Unlike the pens and pencils, which I give away freely, these are only going to be used for special occasions, I'm afraid. For Salem, I'll have a drawing and give away five of them. The Salem signing is a drop-in-whenever between 12-2 event, during which you can hang out casually to ask questions and get books signed. I'll do the drawing at 1pm.

ADDENDUM to key chain questions: they will indeed be given away as part of online contests and other signing locations. So not just Salem! At this time, they aren't for sale online because that's actually more complicated than it may seem. Maybe in the future.

And that's the loot! There are boxes and boxes of those writing utensils making a fire hazard in my office, so hopefully I won't run out in my 25 days of touring.

Last night was Caitlin Kittredge's signing at University Bookstore, and I'll put pictures of that along with Lisa Mantchev's signing (which I'll be at tonight) in one signing-tastic post tomorrow. And now, off to do that writing thing I do.
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